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8 June 1876

Alpine Relief Society; Alpine Schoolhouse, Alpine, Utah Territory

Gray, single-story brick building with quoins

Meetinghouse constructed in Alpine, Utah Territory, between 1857 and 1863; now known as the Alpine Pioneer Relic Hall. (Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.)

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Sister Eliza R Snow addressed the congregation, and said Bretheren and Sisters, I cannot edify you if you are not saints but I hope that I am speaking to those who love God. I am glad to see so many of the brethern here on this occassion for we want them to Know what we want of them, it is to be one, for there is no such thing as dividing the interests of the Sisters from the Bretheren; the Female Relief Societies were first organized by Joseph Smith the Prophet, he said it would lessen the labor of the Bishops, it is designed for the ennobleing of the women, but it cannot be understood unless by the Spirit of God, but the word female has been drop’d since by unanimous consent, when a woman stands as a counselor to her husband, not as the head. In order to stand we need to be cultivated inasmuch as there are many duties for us to perform; we read of the Holy women of old being fellow helpers, and I am sure they are the most ornamental to our meetings who pattern after the order of the Priesthood. I see there are some going into home industries, when we make our things out of the elements around us, we are doing a great work, if our supplies were cut off, have we got anything that would last three years, have we any personal interest. I don’t think that I know of any; when I was baptized I gave my all into this Kingdom. If I were to drop into any of your meetings, I could give a pretty good guess who wanted to improve. I am glad that the mothers and daughters, and I hope, the brethren will wake up, and I hope the sisters will speak often one to another. I don’t like to speak in public unless it is my duty. I made a covenant that, that which was my duty I would try and do it; this organization of the Relief Societies is a great thing, it is a strong power; when we have shares in the stores, and emigrate the poor, build up Temples, edit our school books, and have our own Physicians these we want to be efficient women; God has endowed us so that we can [n.p.] can become Gods and Godesses; when Joseph Smith organized this Church it was done after the order of the Priesthood. There are some of the branches re-voting their officers, that is right

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Source Note

Alpine Ward, Alpine Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1879), n.p., CHL (LR 10595 14); Elsie Booth, Secretary.

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