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24 October 1877

Wellsville Relief Society; Wellsville, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister Eliza R Snow being present then arose and addressed all present said many had asked her if she did not feel timmid in speeking in the presence of her brathren [brethren] she said she did not for if she should say anything wrong they could correct it spoke of being happy said the only way to gain real happiness was by having the spirit of God said the women of Utah should be the head of all women kind: said we should be of all women the most humble the most polite and the most perfect. it was in our power to be so. spoke of the Relief Society first started in Na[u]voo by the Prophet Joseph Smith said it was not off [of] man but off God. said in Josephs days it was required of the sisters to be pure and virtious in womans virtue or she could not become a member of that society meaning the Relief Society. told the sisters there was no time to lay ther but to be up and adoing and not be half hearted latter day saints. said she was what you may call selfish if you wished to call it such for she felt that nothing less then eternal life would satisfy her but to gain that it would take her not a day nor a year but a Life time and do all in her power to gain it. spoke of hetping helping one another in our duties and striveing to gain the greait prise [prize] in store for the faithful. said we had no time to gossip and talk about any one but gain controal over our tounges [p. 99] and use them in speaking of the good things of God. spoke of mothers taking good cair [care] of their Children and teaching them good manners and to use good languages by useing it themselves and not use slang prasies [phrases?] and vulgar language, and teach them to be truthful and not tell any thing but the truth, said A lier [liar] could not enter the presense of our Father in Heavan. spoke of attending meetings and gaining spiritual food to keep us alive to our duties and we would accomplish more then [than] in meeting once in a long time spoke of having power over the evel [evil] one said when we felt angry close our lips and not let the advers[a]ry gain power over us. spoke of being punctual in all things and at all times and then we would be pressius [precious?] in all places. spoke of being clean and neat said the Lord did not like a dirty saint sister Elizar R Snow then blessed all present in Tounges and Sister Zina Young gave the interp[ret]ation. [. . .] [p. 100]

Source Note

Wellsville Ward, Cache Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1886), pp. 99–100, CHL (LR 10009 14).

See also Elizabeth Davis, “Visit to Northern Settlements,” Woman’s Exponent 6, no. 14 (15 Dec. 1877): 111.

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