30 October 1878

Kamas Relief Society; Kamas Schoolhouse, Kamas, Utah Territory

Single-story, log building with children, women, and men gathered in front

Kamas schoolhouse, Kamas, Utah Territory. (Courtesy Summit County Historical Society.)

[. . .]

The sisters from S L City came to visit us. Sr. E R Snow, Sr. E [Elizabeth A.] Davis [. . .]

Sr. E R Snow she had wished to visit us for a long time past but had never befor had the privilige. she felt pleased to see so many pressent although it would be useless to talk or listen unless we have the spirit of God to enlighten our minds was pleased to see so many Brethren pressent as they held the Preisthood if anything was wrong we could be corrected for she did not wish to retain error for one moment. hoped all the women that were pressent were members of the Relief Society or Young Ladies Association [p. 91]

Source Note

Kamas Ward, Summit South Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1869–1973), vol. 1 (1869–1890), p. 91, CHL (LR 4297 14).

See also “Report of a Missionary Tour,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 13 (1 Dec. 1878): 103.

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