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7 December 1878

Farmington Primary; Farmington Meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah Territory

Single-story, stone meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900

Farmington meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

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There were present from Salt Lake City, Mrs. E. R. Snow, Mrs. Schuttler [Mary M. Schettler] & Mrs. Ellen Clawson. [. . .] [p. 15] [. . .]

Mrs. E. R. Snow said, she wanted to see the children pay strict attention facing her, she once attended an Indian meeting of 500 Lamanites there were also White people present, but the Indians kept much the best order—Also there were 75 Braves came to see Joseph Smith, they fixed their eyes upon him & did not move about to get better places as did some of the Whites, Joseph said he wished the saints would learn manners from the Indians—there are some grown people who will turn around to see who comes in but I see you children do not; I feel proud of you—this is your little meeting, you come here to worship God—God sees you, and did you know that holy Angels are here? taking minutes of what is being done & they bear a good report up to the people of light those who have been good here and have died—said God sees us, now can you tell me, why we cannot see him? Answered by some of the children, because we are not so perfect as he is—Can we even <ever> become as perfect, and how? Yes <by> being good and keeping his commandments

Who is the Prophet of the last days, and who his successor? Where Jesus was born & questions all answered correctly by the children—said now that you may be great men and women you must observe punctuality, always be in time to meeting—requested those who do not use tobacco to raise their right hands, and those who do if there be any not to [p. 16] raise their hands as it would be much worse to lie than to use tobacco,—Wished them to attend to their prayers not only night and morning, but in secret,

One time when Joseph Smith had to have a guard to protect him from his enemies who were seeking his life he overheard children praying in turn one after another that he might be spared—he said to the Brethren you may go to bed, I am safe for tonight—showing the faith and confidence he had in the prayers of the children.

always come to meeting—those who like to come to meeting raise the hand—all hands were up—never take anything that dont belong to you, will tell you a story—down South there was a boy who used to steal eggs his Mother would cook and eat them and <never> tell him to take them back or that it was wrong, as he grew older the habit grew greater, until one time he stole something more than eggs, for which he was taken up; and in Court his Mother was there to see her son sentenced to Jail—he turned and said to his Mother you can thank yourself for this,—when I stole eggs and apples you did not tell me it was wrong—Now children Sr. [Aurelia S.] Rogers and the sisters are teaching you better than this—may the Lord bless you that you may grow good and great men & women.

[. . .] [p. 17] [. . .]

Sr. Snow said she had one request to make, that you children pray for Sr. Rogers, that she may be strengthed in body and in spirit.

[. . .] [p. 18]

Source Note

Farmington Ward, Davis Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1949), vol. 1 (1878–1888), pp. 15–18, CHL (LR 2816 18); Rhoda H. Richards, Secretary.

See also “Local and Other Matters: First Quarterly Meeting,” Deseret News 27, no. 46 (18 Dec. 1878): 721.

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