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26 November 1874

Salt Lake City First Ward Relief Society; First Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .] Remarks by Sister. E. R. Snow. I feel obedent as I am Called upon to speake to you this afternoone I cannot say that I would sit & listen although their are times that I would rather sit and listen to others when Joseph [Smith] organi[z]ed the sisters in Nawvew [Nauvoo] I saw diffrent poshions [positions] for women to ocupy besides tending to their househole [household] dutys as wives and mothers it is right for men to meet and is it not as nesersery [necessary] for women to meet allso but it is surprising to see so meny in opposishoin [opposition] to our meetings The saints of God nead a grate [great] deal of spiritu[a]l foode. God has revealed a way to feed our spirits and if we neglect to do so we will lose the spirit of God I know by my one [own] expecerence [experience] when we neglect [p. 111] our meetings we get Cold and lose the spirit of God allthough their [there] is times that duty calleds us to stay at home. I hop[e] the yound [young] Ladyes of this ward well meet often anuff [enough] to keep warm and keep the spirit of God I find by meeting often we are more punkfull [punctual?] to our dutys it will make you honerbell [honorable] wives to stand at the head of the world may god Bless you that you will stand faithfull to the end is my prair [prayer] in the mame [name] of Juses [Jesus], Amen.

Remarks by Sister [Mary Isabella] Horne

I feell somewhat like Sister Snow in speaking when called upon [. . .] It behoves us to improve our time in how much good we can do in meeting to gether [together] theirfore it is nesesry to meet togehter as we are so organised that we nead spirital food as well as well as temperal foode [. . .] [p. 112]

[. . .]

Sister Snow made sevrel [several] other good remarks which was pleasing to the [h]earers after which the president [Miriam G. Chase] arose and expressed her thank to the sisters for thair viset [visit] and good instructions. [. . .] [p. 113]

Source Note

First Ward, Park Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1870–1973), vol. 2 (1870–1893), pp. 111–113, CHL (LR 2871 14); Sarah A. Graham, Assistant Secretary.

See also Jane E. Van Tassell, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 3, no. 15 (1 Jan. 1875): 114.

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