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28 September 1874

Woodruff Relief Society; William H. Lee Residence, Woodruff, Utah Territory

Single-story log cabin with horse-drawn carriages in front

William H. Lee residence, Woodruff, Utah Territory. Photograph courtesy of Sharee Horman Billman.

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Remarks by Miss E R. Snow,

“The organization, of the “Relief Society,” is one that, pertains to the Priesthood,

According, to the ideas of some, it was thought. the organization, of woman, was not needed but it is not so, It is for the exaltation. and improvement of the Sisters,

We are all to be judged by our works, and God requires of us, the Cultivation of the faculties, He [h]as endowed us with,

I cannot imagine, a lone Saint, we are formed to be social, and expected to be united with one another, in performing what is required of us,

The Relief Society. was organized, by President Joseph Smith assisted by Elder John Taylor He Said, “if woman were united. and honored their position, in these associ[a]tions, they would be a very great help to the Bishops,”

Many has thought it a begging institution, it is not so, the Prophet said, [“]it was not only to releive the Poor, but to save souls,”

Still, to releive the poor. is about the lowest object, in view The Moral worth of the organization is worth more then we can think of

Every Sister, who bears a virtuous Character, should be a member of the Society, In Nauvoo there was a committee [p. 1] appointed, to enquire into the characters. of those requesting to become members, but here, I presume, that is not nesessary,

We should remember that we are, the Daughters of the Most High “That. before we came on this Earth we were associated in family capacities, and where acquainted with eachother, and dwelt in the presence of God, and we should, avail ourselves of the measures, he has provided for us to come back into his presence,

When I look round on the Sisters, and see their hearts filled, with the things of the World, and are careless about the things of Eternity, I ask myself, “Where are we drifting too?

are we going to loose [lose] all?[”] I hope not,

If the Sisters, in this place are united, “how much good they can accomplish, Why should not woman give “Caste” to Society? Is it not the Mother, that prepares the Child for future usefulness or to be outcasts of Society, It is her privelige to bring up her children. to become great and noble men and woman,

There is no Mother but what has a desire, to see. her children good and great, and how much, they can assist each other, by meeting together and uniting in love and humility, and counsiling together for their mutual benefit, and instructing the young.

Their love for each other will increase. and also their love to God.

These organizations. will give us a legal access to these Blessings,

No doubt, you all have a great deal to do, but you should all try, and attend your Meetings for do not our spirits, need food, as well, as our mortal bodies? [p. 2]

we need to exercise ourselves in our religion,

Early in this church. boys and Girls, stood up and bore their testimony to the Truth of this work, but many of our young people now. know nothing, of the Gospel, And a good deal of it, is because, their Parents have neglected their duty in teaching them, the thing Pertaining to the Gospel,

I would for my part, rather a child should never see a book, or ever learn a letter, then to have them. not spiritually educated, Mothers have this to see too, be sure and imptant [implant] in their Minds. honesty, and a desire, to learn the things of the Kingdom of God

By the aid of the Spirit of God, we can attain to a great deal, and we can do a great deal of good,

We hold the highest possition of any women. on the Earth, and now, we want, to cultivate every thing, that is enobling,

I want the women, of this place, to be in very deed. Mothers in Israel, to be like the mighty women of old, full of faith, and good works, and feel, that any thing, you take hold of, you can accomplish, In Randolph I said, “I hoped that by next summer, they would be, entering into a straw hat Manufactory, they can make course ones for common wear and fine ones for Sundays. and you can form your own fashions and form and example, for others to Pattern after,

They talk, about the women here being made slaves of and that they are tramped on, such preposterous nonsence no women have the liberty we have, and I told thim [them] so, I also told them about our Relief Societies, And they were astonished, and pleased at the explanation I gave them,

but I am talking to[o] long.” [p. 3]

Bishop [William H.] Lee said, [. . .] “I am very thankful for the remarks of Sister Snow, and I bear my testimony to them[”]

[. . .] [p. 4]

Source Note

Woodruff Ward, Bear Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1874–1973), vol. 1 (1874–1894), pp. 1–4, CHL (LR 10277 14); Elizabeth A. Howard, Secretary.

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