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27 February 1875

Salt Lake City Sixteenth Ward Relief Society; Sixteenth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sister [Patience S.] Hampton said [. . .] Sister Snow was prisent to ins[t]ruct us and all would be pleased to hear from her.

Sister Snow said I was in hopes to have heard my sisters speak first still I could hardly expect it. to a great extent we are creatures of habit. we should meet togather [together] often and speak often. they that feared the [Lord] spoke often one to another and the Lord hearkened and heard and a book of remembrance was kept and they shall be mine saith the Lord when I make up my jewells. I want the prayers of all my Sisters that what I say may be for the good of us all. I do not know what you need, the Lord does know. There is no good acomplished but what is prompted by the spirit of God. we cannot feed on the trifles of this world. a true latterday Saint wants what God inspires. I never would occupy this position was it not my duty. I am pleased to see so many of the young present we desire the cultivation of the young mentally and morraly. God is the same today yesterday and [p. 342] forever. I say to my Sisters if we want the young to choose the right path we must set the example. we must not desire fine dresses fine houses and a fine equipage. we all have many duties to perform and we must discharge these duties as true Saints of God. our home duties are not our only duties are not our only duties. in the time of Ancient apostles they had the assistance of holy women, and they needed the assistance of holy women. children from the time they begin to reflect impressions are made upon them that will never be obliterated. things that pertain to this earth are soon forgotten. I find more to do than I can accomplish. I often think if on my death bed what would my thoughts be. would it be of dress? whether I had the finest dress the finest horses the finest carriages? I think not, it would be have I done my duty have I kept the commanndments, have I been true to God? these would be my thoughts. those young ladies who voted not to dance round dances have exhibited a nobility of character. it requires stamina for the young ladies to [do] that which President [Brigham] Young desires them to do. these releif Societies when properly carried on will have great influence morrally. all must be united one alone cannot renovate society, but one can set an example. Sisters let us maintain our integrity for integrity will be our passport into the mansions of the just. There are a great many things that require the united effort of our young sisters. deportment for instance. all can attain to that and discountenance disbehavior and not associate with the rude and uncouth. the Sisters should meet often and speak often to keep the spirit of God within their Bosoms. angels of God will present although we are not able to see them. all my sisters that are here that are not members of the Society I would advise you to join and be one with us. seek first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness. and all things shall be added. Mothers do not neglect your children watch over them our blessings come through performing our duties. if the young laidies lead out right the young men will follow. let your aims be high be noble in all your actions and God will help you to know [p. 343] you have God’s approval is worth all the treasures of the earth. take a right course and you will be happy. we shall not lose the glory if we do all things with an eye single to glory. I say to my Sisters God bless you. the time is near at hand when the Savior will come let us be zealous of good works and be prepared to meet him.

Sister Martha B. Young said. [. . .] I feel to bear testimony to every word that Sister snow has said. [. . .] [p. 344]

Bishop F. [Frederick] Kesler. said. [. . .] I can bear testimony to what I have heard. what you have heard is certainly very good. some things spoken of by Sister Snow brought to my mind many things that happened long ago. I was glad to hear her speak of many things that she spoke of. [. . .] [p. 345]

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Sixteenth Ward, Riverside Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1968), vol. 1 (1868–1879), pp. 342–345, CHL (LR 8335 14); Cynthia A. Eldredge, Secretary.

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