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24 September 1883

Box Elder Stake Relief Society; Brigham City, Utah Territory

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S [Susannah] P Boothe Was happy to meet with the sisters if each one was determined the room would be filled if it had been known that sister E R S Smith would be with us the room would would be full [. . .] [p. 193] [. . .]

Sister E R Snow Smith Said I have enjoyed a feast in hearing the minutes read and the remarks of the sisters still some reflections have passed through my mind that are not so pleasant true the sisters are improving themselves but the question is how much are they improving society we are creatures of habit I used to think the people here in Brigham City were in the best circumstances but a change has come over you still the sisters may not be to blame how much much the sisters are watching to keep out the eavil [evil] habits that are creeping in to your midst I do not know Later day [Latter-day] Saints should keep [p. 194] the Sab[b]ath day holy I see young ladies gal[l]oping horses through the street on the Sabath day I wish the saints could be made to understand how particular they were in Ancient Isriel [Israel] if a man picked up a few sticks on the Sabath day he was condemed to death when Isriel was fed with manna in the wilderness they were obliged to gather enough on saturday to last untill monday it was rained down on sunday but they were not allowed to touch it God is the same yesterday today and forever he never changes do you think he can look down up on [upon] the saints with apbrobation while they are continually br[e]aking the Sabath day in S L [Salt Lake] City we are not free from this crime they have their excursions trains running for pleasure what does our Heavenly Father think of all this he knows every act and word and eaven [even] our thoughts we will have to keep all of the laws of the Celestial kingdom if we are permited to return into the presence of our Heavenly Father

Sisters can we use any influence to prevent Sabath breaking I know the sisters have done a great deal to help the Co op system I have watched its course very clos[e]ly I know where the entering wedge was brought about the Lord had a wise perpose in letting it take the course it has if out side influences had been kept out but there was not union enough you cant do it now out side influences have got a foot hold here it is too late if the Mothers have any influence let it be used in the right direction you will all have all you can do to stand for your selves Earnestly exhorted the sisters to attend faithfully their R S [Relief Society] meetings as well as sabath meetings we may not always have the priviledge In Sanpete they are aff[l]icted with the small pox the Lord can prevent it if he chooses, I have sometimes thought perhaps it was the scourge that should come upon us the daughters of Zion. The course of the disease is just as he says they shall be afflicted. We know not what is in the future. The time must come when the Lamanites will be our protecters.1 There is no sin in being tempted it is in yealding [yielding] to the [p. 195] temptation. Let us be zelious [zealous] in good works and while we are improving in good works help others to improve also. The powers of darkness will entice you to give way a little. He is ever on the alert to take advantage of every neglect of duty. Sisters let us so live that we may ever have the approval of our Heavenly Father. I feel like saying nearer my god to thee, I would not be placed backward one year, the spirit world is very near to me and I feel to rejoice in it. The Lord promiced [promised] death shall be sweet to the Saints. The sting should be taken away. I wondered how was I used to read that death was the king of terro[r]s. The Lord gave me an experience which is very sweet to remember. Which I shall relate, it was 4 o[’]clock I felt a faintness come over me I sat in my large chair. A sister leaned me back in my chair just as soon as I lost concious [consciousness] I was right in the midst of beautiful beings with many saints that had died Felt that I was right at home at Father’s house with dear friends. When a saint died <dies> there is some one to go with them they are not left alone. I was with Joseph Smiths Grandmother [Mary D. Smith] when she died. She said they were beautiful. But they did not speak

Related a vision a young lady had a few days before she died I understand she said I must wait untill expected an escort comes. She saw a beautiful being who showed her a beautiful home and the glories and exaltation that was exaltations awaiting her. She said is it all for me. What have [p. 196] I done that I should have all this?

Two letters came from her husband she told how she wanted her letters put in. She was very ancious [anxious] to live before she saw her vision. I thought what has she done she had been in the church but a short time but she had proved her integerty [integrity] had been true and faithful to every call made on her. The Lord recognized it. I have passed through trials some very tight places but thanks to our Heavenly Father I have never faltered. We have every thing to encouriage [encourage] us he loves his daughters if they will only prove faithful. We will rejoice to come home to our Fathers house when our work is done. When I realize we have lived before, I wonder we dont all know better than to treat aneybody unkindly we may injure a dear friend. We are all the daughters of God, let us realize our positions and improve the talents our Heavenly Feather [Father] has given us I bless you as a Mother in Israel. I pray God to pour out his holy spirit upon you that you may have light and peace and wisddom to protect you in all your works in life that you mabe [may be] prepared to enter his presence and hear the aplaud of well done good and faithfull daughters enter into the joys of your Lord.

Sister [Olivia N.] Widerborg [. . .] [p. 197] [. . .] Wished to learn to be as faithfull as Sister E. R. was in trying to attend a meeting in Ogden Valley asked if she was going she said yes if we can get a man to take us [. . .]

E. R. S. said since sis. Widerberg has brought up the <that> circumstance I will tell of of a very nice quilt some of the sisters gave me I understand Sister Widerborg was the means of getting it up. I keep it on my bed and can almost feel that the good sisters were all around me

[. . .] Singing Oh, my Father. [. . .] [p. 198]

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Box Elder Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1857–1944), vol. 3 (1875–1884), pp. 193–198, CHL (LR 933 14).

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