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20 May 1883

Washakie Relief Society; Washakie, Utah Territory

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At two p.m. we attended meeting. After the sacrament was administered my brother [Lorenzo Snow] preached a short and interesting discourse, after which Bishop [Isaac] Zundel organized a Relief Society, with Sister Elizabeth J. Zundel president, Sisters Melissa Hunsaker and Kohn (Lamanite) Counselors; Sister Harriet Chandler Secretary; Almira Hall Treasurer.

The time would not admit of voting in the members that day, but I have received a report from the secretary, saying that at the next Sunday meeting forty-one members were received, thirty-five of whom are Lamanites; several of whom expressed their gratitude in being thus organized, and their desires to learn to keep house and to make clothing as their white sisters do.1

One impressive feature of the services in the afternoon meeting, which we attended, must not be overlooked, I.e., the singing, which was all performed by a Lamanite choir of six males and six females. With the many variations[ ]in their tunes, which are very peculiar, the perfection of their time is truly astonishing.

[. . .] [p. 17]

Source Note

E. R. Snow Smith, “An Interesting Trip: The Lamanites Improving, Relief Society News—Silk Industry,” Woman’s Exponent 12, no. 3 (1 July 1883): 17.

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