19 January 1883

Salt Lake City Seventh Ward Primary; Seventh Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White stone building with arched windows

Salt Lake City Seventh Ward meetinghouse, constructed in 1877. (Fairbanks, P. Kent. Seventh Ward Chapel, 116 West Fifth South Street, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT. 1967. Photograph. Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress. https://www.loc.gov/resource/hhh.ut0056.photos/?sp=1.)

[. . .] Sister Snow said she was pleased to meet with us and to see our cheerful faces ask the children loved their president said that she lacked counselor asked if [p. 33] the Bishop chose two if they would love them and do as they assked us to do and pray for them ask them if they got up to speak in meeting. said they would be called to go on missions some day and they must prepare them selves for it

[. . .]

Sister [Emmeline B.] Wells [. . .] ask who spoke first to us said said that she [Eliza R. Snow] done a great deal for us besides visiting the primaries Said she made the primary song book and the tune book. [p. 34] Bible questions and answers The speaker No 2 for the larger ones & the speaker No 1 for the smaller ones she hoped they would all get one [. . .] [p. 35]

Source Note

Seventh Ward, Pioneer Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1882–1924), vol. 1 (1882–1886), pp. 33–35, CHL (LR 12586 18).

See also “Editorial Notes,” Woman’s Exponent 11, no. 17 (1 Feb. 1883): 133.