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15 September 1882

Mount Pleasant Fourth Ward Relief Society; Mount Pleasant, Utah Territory

One the Stand where Sister Elise [Eliza] R Snow Sister M. [Mary Anne] Hyde President of the Stake, [. . .]

After reading the reports Sister Hyde [. . .] fellt exceedingly glad to have our President Sister E R Snow in our midst.

[. . .]

Sister E. R. S. Smith she fellt happy indeed to meet with the Saints of this part of the Country, said she had no ability of herself to edifei [edify] the people she might edifiy an assembly of Strangers telling them some of her expierince in life but the Latter day Saints wants more then that the[y] want to be direccted and guided by the Spirit of God, therfore hoped that the Lord will bless her, and lift up the hearts of the Sisters that she may do them good.

Said she highly appriciat [appreciate] the welldoings of the Sister of Sanpete; said where ever she meets in Conferenz in other Stakes gives credit of the Sisters in Sanpete Co. for there diligent and well doing, but at the same time, we must [p. 107] not think that we can not do any better, it is allways room for that. Said if she want any thing done she would not call on any one that had plenty of time, if she want any thing done she generly [generally] calls on she that have plenty to do, and the[y] are the ones that all allwase [always] can do a little more.

Fellt pleased to hear the Silk cultur[e] incourig [encouraged?] thought we could dress in Silk as cheap as Cotton if we persevered through, foreshadowed the fall of babilon and our condition if it should come to pass and we not better prepared. Praysed the Sisters of Sanpete Co. for the energie the[y] showed in getting them a Woollenfactory built, wath a happy People we are to work with united efforts. Union is strength Said the Prophet Joseph Smith have said that the Relief Societys will be the most great and glorious organization on the face of the earth, said the first R. S. was organized by the P. Joseph with only a few members, and now it extended 241 Societys. She Referred to the time whene the first Tempel was built in Kirtland, the Church was then poorer then any of our Warths [wards] in our branches, brought in memory the trials and troubles of the rising of the Church, the si[c]kness the[y] had to contend with in Far west, in all does [those] times the Church made the most progress, but if when the Saints became whlelthy [wealthy] and fellt independent the persecution of the Church begone and considered we where [were] now pretty comfortable and we may better draw our Schoulders [shoulders] up and prepare for trouble then trouble is sure to come, but yet a Latter day Saint need not have any fear, dois [these] things is only for our good. Said when B. [Brigham] Young dedicated the Tempel in S. L City the Latter day Saints need not feel bad, because the[y] did not have the changes through the first persecution of the church, speaking to the rising generation if you ceep [keep] faithful you will have persecution until you are [1 illegible word], but he only [1 illegible word] our oppressers.

Incourig [Encourage] Home[ ]industry, we must not pray for the fall of babilon in our heart and then sustain it with our hands. Spoke about the Prinzipel [Principle] of faith expecialy [especially] now a days as it seems there is some of us tried with [p. 108] sikness said it will not do to aproach the si[c]kbed with fear, fear and faith do not work together.

Said to the young to exercise faith in God, and seek for a Testomoney [testimony] for themself it is nott sufficiant that your know this Gospel is true you must seek for a testomony for yourself, that you may stand the test

Spoke on the happiness in the fullness of the Gospel it is a happiness above all things. Said every one of us has promise made a promise before we took this tabernakel [tabernacle] that we would come upon this world and fulfil our Mission, and this Mission is a very important one.

Said before she ever resieved this Gospel she prepared herself to be us[e]ful upon this earth and dry [try] to cultivate her mind with knowledge, and spend it her time us[e]ful in reading good books, used to teach classes in Sonday school and dry [try] to do good whenever a oppertunity showed itself to do so. The time has come that the churchments [judgements?] of God will comenz [commence] on the House of the Lord, and it is nessesary to have more with Comunion with God and that we may increase in faith and be prepared for the time to come.

[. . .]

Br James Alred [Allred] said [. . .] he allwise [always] rejoused [rejoiced] in hearing S. Elise R Smith to bear her testomony, and hear her talk of the great expierince [experience] in the rising and growing of this church and Kin[g]dom from the time when her heart was lifted up in poems give utterance of the go[o]dness of God when assoicatet [associated] with the Phrophet Joseph until up to this time. [. . .] [p. 109]

Source Note

Mount Pleasant Fourth Ward, Mount Pleasant Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1972), vol. 1 (1878–1889), pp. 107–109, CHL (LR 5827 14).

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