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2 September 1882

Hyrum Stake Primary; Logan, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sister E. R. Snow Smith said I have been very much interested in your associations. I see by your reports that you are becoming business men and women. I am well pleased. She then asked the children to sing “In our lovely deseret,” they responded readily.

My dear children I think so much of you it seems like you are all mine. She then asked some questions concerning the Church. viz. Who was the first President of the Church Answer Joseph Smith. [p. 64]

How long did he preside? Ans. [Answered] 14 years.

Who took his place? Brigham Young.

How long did he preside? 33 years.

Who is the doctor for this Church? Ans. God.

Children learn to pray to read and to have faith in God. I want you all to learn to sing and to learn everything that is useful. I want you all to learn this motto “A place for every thing and every thing in its place.” I can assure you that I am proud of you & I want you all to learn all the Questions & answers in the book called Bible Questions and answers, it will learn you about the Bible. She also spoke about the fair, encouraged them to make some thing useful as well as ornamental. Singing Open the door for the Children.

Sister Zina D. [H.] Young [. . .] when you we come again I hope you will have a nice little library, with all of Sister Snow’s books and the Faith promoting series and all good books in it. [. . .]

Sister [Jane E.] Molen asked the Children if they wished Sister Snow to speak in Tongues, they answered yes. she wished them to pray earnestly that she might do so.

Sister Snow said there is so many spirits at work the gifts of God should be used very carefully it is sacred & it would be very wicked to make light of it. Children pray night & morning to God and He will love you. He loves little Children if they are good. Lift up your hearts to God so that I may speak to you.

She then spoke and Sister Zina D. Young interpreted as follows. [p. 65]

The Lord is well pleased with you, if you could see there is Angels in our midst all around.

Father let Thy Spirit be with the young, that the evil one may have no power over them. May they never be destroyed. Bless them even as Thou didst when Thou wast here upon the Earth. May they be blest for ever and ever Amen.

To the Mothers, Oh Father Thou knowest the agony of my heart Oh Father let these Sisters have power to see even when their children are in danger, that they may guard them. give them power to heal their Children when sick, and even to raise the dead, and to open prison doors, and have faith until we can see even as we are seen and know as we are known, even until they shall all have passed away even so Amen.

[. . .] [p. 66]

Source Note

Hyrum Ward, Hyrum Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1879–1897), vol. 1 (1879–1886), pp. 64–66, CHL (LR 4009 18).

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