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15 June 1882

Huntsville Relief Society; Huntsville, Utah Territory

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Sis Eliza R Snow Smith arose & said I feel proud to stand before you to day & especially to see so many of our Brethren here this gives me strength when ever I associate in the presence of the priesthood. What A what a privilage we have of coming together to serve the Lord do we ever think of this or do we come because of habit we should always make up our minds we will have A good time & leave the little troubles out which none of us is without we cannot fail to have the Spirit of God to prompt us what to say & generally we will get just what we need I feel in my experience that we live far below the priveliges we have we above all women in the world are the most blest – I feel O Lord bring my feelings ne[a]rer to thee what is the things of this world it creates A great deal of trouble tho many times it is gratifying to our natures this is natural to the earth. There are people when they meet have nothing to talk about but their troubles aches & pains this sisters is not right the more we dwell on the things of this earth the more we will have them let us talk of the things of god try to elevate our thoughts & many times our pain will leave us the Spirit of god heales the body if we will al[l]ow it, Mothers position is A very responsible one who is it that refines Society trains the children bares all the weaknesses of the helpless who then need the influence of holy beings to do this alone at night who should never be tired Woman can she realize the position she is called to bare some do & some do not we should try to have the confidence of our children boys & girls be interested in their affairs young people young people have their troubles get your children [p. 24] in the Primary that is the place to help Mothers & to train children in the fear of god if our young had had the privelages the children now have it might of [have] been better for them I expect to see some of the greatest men & Women grow out of these associations that ever lived on the earth then let us take courage Spoke on the duties of Relief Societies said some had A great care while some let at their case we shall have all what we work for when I feel that I can do no more good only to myself than I wish to Pass away some treat lightly these Societies but let me say they little know what they do they had better wake up & see if there is nothing for them to do to get their salvation spoke of the great good the sisters had done Some 3 thousand Dollars had been Disbursed since our organization many outside friends have often said how do you support your poor they are astonished at our success spoke of the Deserett Hospital & the many advantages of the institution.

Sister Zina D H Young said I have been highly gratified with the remarks of Sis Eliza [. . .] [p. 25]

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Huntsville Ward, Ogden Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1973), vol. 4 (1882–1889), pp. 24–25, CHL (LR 3975 14).

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