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10 June 1882

Weber Stake Primary; Ogden Tabernacle, Ogden, Utah Territory

A long, rectangular building with triangle roof, a single chimney, and three arched, front-facing windows

Original Ogden Stake Tabernacle. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

Present on this occasion were Sisters Elizah R. Snow, Zina D. [H.] Young, Sarah [S.] Richards <and> Minnie [J.] Snow [. . .]

Prayer—Sister E R Snow, children repeating prayer in concert.

[. . .]

Sister Elizah R Snow then adressed the children; said she wished to have every eye directed toward her while she spoke; she was well pleased—could not express her feelings—said there was a great deal of work before them—she wanted them to live so that in time of pestilence they could have faith to stand—wanted their hearts cultivated as well as their heads; then asked them various questions—said she had been [p. 42] delighted with their exercises <and> felt to bless them all; wished them to grow up good and full of faith and the spirit of God.—Asked if they paid their tithing; said if they had one dollar they should pay ten cents of that for tithing.

Sister Zina D. Young [. . .] Related a story about Sister Snow, how She had prayed to God, when a candle appeared before her; this was given as a sign that the light of God would direct her.

[. . .]

[. . .] Sister Snow leading in prayer <and> the children repeating. [. . .] [p. 43] [. . .] Sister Elizah R. Snow then called the attention of the children and asked them questions about Jesus Christ, Bethlehem, Joseph Smith <and> Prophets of of the Latter days—spoke about the organization and expulsion of the Saints; how they were driven from place to place, until they came to Utah, <and> of Moroni’s travelling and offering sacrifice on Adam on Di—[Adam-ondi-Ahman].

[. . .] Sister E. R. Snow then asked the children where they lived <and> about their religion.—spoke about the temples <and> what they were for—Also of Elijah <the> Prophet that he conferred the priesthood upon Joseph Smith; said she felt proud of the exercises she had heard today; it showed what they could do when properly trained; Stated the reason Sister [Louie B.] Felt was absent, was because she was sick; showed the children a watch that was once owned by the prophet Joseph.

[. . .] [p. 44] [. . .]

Sister Rose [Rosalthe] Canfield then asked [. . .] all that would like to have Sister Snow <and> the other sisters attend our next conference to raise their hand. The vote was unanimous. [. . .] [p. 45]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1879–1968), vol. 1 (1879–1915), pp. 42–45, CHL (LR 9970 18); Elizabeth N. Hill, Secretary.

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