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10 May 1882

Salt Lake City First Ward Young Ladies; Tenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .] Lady Visitors including Sisters E R Snow Smith – M. I. [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne Sister [Phebe W.] Woodruff and others. President <Sarah> [A.] Graham arose and said, this is our yearly meeting, and as it is getting late I will leave it in the hands of the Sisters as there is quite a few here. <We> will will let our exorcises [exercises] go and will hear from Sister E R S Smith

Sister E R S Smith Said—improvement is a very important thing. We should try and improve every opportunity we can. We are very far astranged from our Father and God having our recollections taken from us—the little child seemes to have the instinct—how important it is for us to lay proper foundations for the little ones. I was pleased with the minutes, and [p. 27] more pleased with the names of the Young Ladies that bore their testimonys do you Girls want to know what my feelings are—every person We should have the Spirit of the Lord—every person that has been born in to the World has a portion of the Spirit of God—but not the Spirit as we have it—do you little Girls think of paying Tithing—if you have 50 cts [cents] that belongs to you 5 cts of that belongs to the Lord—if I have a 1[.]00 10 cts of that belongs to Tithing and the 90 cts goes as far with me as a Dollar would—do not let your Father or Mothers pay it—now when Joseph Smith lived the little children had meeting and they were blessed—would you like to hear me speak in Tongues—Sister E [Emmeline B.] Wells gave the interpretation

Sister M. I Horne Said my Young Sisters there is so many of us to speak that we shall have to make our remarks short. I feel pleased that we are able to meet with you a gain. We have had Some good remarks from Sister Snow [. . .] [p. 28]

[. . .]

Sister Clara [Y.] Conrad said [. . .] [p. 29] [I] ask the Lord to bless for Sister Snow and all of the Sisters [. . .] [p. 30]

Source Note

First Ward, Park Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1874–1972), vol. 1 (1874–1884), pp. 27–30, CHL (LR 2871 17).

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 11, no. 1 (1 June 1882): 4.

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