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8 November 1881

Payson Relief Society; Payson, Utah Territory

[. . .] Present and on the stand Sisters Eliza R Snow Smith, E [Emmeline] B Wells E [Elizabeth A.] Howard representatives of the Relief Society [. . .]

Mrs. M. [Margaret] T. Smoot. President of the Utah Stake who said [. . .] we were blest in having Sister Snow Pres of the Relief Society in all the World [. . .]

E. R. Snow Smith said unless we have the spirit of God we cannot instruct each other, our faculties talents should be aroused and exercised in the building up of this Kingdom to do this we cannot hold the world in our affections. we should not love our Husbands better then God; In neglecting our meetings our Spirits are not fed for we require food for the Soul as well as the Body [p. 179] improve the Talents that God has given us if we have the gift of speech we should certainly use it we should be punctual in paying Tything setting a good example before our Children. Pres. [Brigham] Young had said he made a blunder in that respect in not letting the wives pay their own tything as an example to their Children; Spoke of the Wheat stored by the Sisters the Relief Society has no claim on that wheat it is the voice of the Lord to store the grain and by his voice it will be disposed of; Great wisdom should be used in giving to the poor; there are some that will not make their wants known; The Sisters should strive against hard feelings and rather suffer wrong then do wrong.

[. . .]

Mrs. E. B. Wells [. . .] The following can be purchased at the Exponent Office written by Eliza R Snow Smith, The Bible questions and answers, the Palestine Tourist, 2 Editions of Poems [. . .] [p. 180]

Source Note

Payson Ward, Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1897), vol. 3 (1877–1885), pp. 179–180, CHL (LR 6814 14).

See also “Here and There,” Woman’s Exponent 10, no. 12 (15 Nov. 1881): 92–93; and “R. S., Y. L. M. I. A. and Primary Reports: Payson,” Woman’s Exponent 11, no. 3 (1 July 1882): 23.

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