9 September 1881

Weber Stake Young Ladies; Ogden Tabernacle, Ogden, Utah Territory

A long, rectangular building with triangle roof, a single chimney, and three arched, front-facing windows.

Original Ogden Stake Tabernacle. (Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.)

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Prest. Sarah [A.] Herrick first made a few remarks; expressing pleasure at hearing so good reports, and seeing so many present. She felt we were greatly blessed in having Sister Snow Sister [Emmeline B.] Wells, and others from S. L. [Salt Lake] City with [p. 52] us today. Would not take up the time, for she knew all would love to hear from them. Trusted we would give them our faith and prayers. that they might be led to speak such words of counsel and encouragement as we most needed.

Sister E. R. Snow Smith then addressed the meeting. Said she was thankful to again have the privilege of meeting with her young sisters of Weber Co. [County] Had been much pleased with the reports in many respects; noticed some of the Associations reported only a few meetings held during the last six months, this she was sorry to hear. The object of these organizations was to improve the members spiritually, morally, mentally and physically. It was reasonable to suppose the oftener the meetings were held the more rapid would be the improvement.

There was a great responsibility resting upon the young, and it was their duty to apply their minds to wisdom, and strive to become shining lights in the midst of Zion. Could assure them that those who prepared themselves for high and important duties, would be the ones who would be called for; they would be hunted out. The labors of this people were constantly multiplying, both for the brethren and sisters; earnest workers were needed. The willing and obedient would find no time for trifling, for they would realize that in order to be help-meets in the great work of salvation they must improve their time wisely, seeking to make the best use of the talents God has given them, that they may be a blessing to themselves and to others.

Was pleased that Dr. Romania B. Pratt was to deliver a lecture this evening to the women of Ogden. Advised all to attend [p. 53] who could, as she was satisfied they would hear that which if they remembered and put in practice, would do them much good. If we would be useful it is as necessary that we have health of body as strength of mind. It was our duty to learn how to preserve our health; some, she was sorry to say; were very ignorant in regard to the structure and formation of their bodies. Trusted if there were any such here, they would no longer remain so. Knew many were of the wiser class; felt proud of them, and wished to do all in her power to encourage them to continue in acquiring useful knowledge. Urged them to improve every opportunity of doing good. Said in blessing we are blessed; in doing good we receive good.

She did not wish to occupy much time this morning, there were others present we would like to hear from. Asked the Lord to bless us, and enable us to be wise, and ever to live as becometh Latter-day saints.

Sister Sarah Richards [. . .] endorsed the remarks which had been made, and trusted we would all profit by the good counsel given. [. . .]

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Afternoon Session.

After the usual exercises of singing and prayer, Sister Eliza R. Snow Smith, addressed the congregation. Said she wished to say a few words to the secretaries. They had a very important work to perform, and should spare no pains to qualify themselves, so as to do it in the best possible manner. She was secretary for the Relief Society which was organized in Nauvoo, & tried to fill the office to the best of her ability. She studied the minutes and reports of the brethren and obtained all the information she could, for she thought whatever was worth doing, was worth doing well. Would say to those holding this office, if at any time you need assistance, go to those who have had experience, and they will doubtless be pleased to give you the information you desire. If there are any words you are not able to spell, consult your dictionary. Always take time to do your work well; write a plain legible hand so that it may be read without difficulty, and try and make out your reports without blanks. Thought we had no use for them. It would require a little more thought and study to be sure, but this will be a benefit to you. You are now required to fill out schedules sent from Washington. The Superintendent of the Cencus [Census], wishes a report from each Association in the Territory. She trusted this would be made out in good time, & in good style. [p. 56]

If she were one of the secretaries, she would have the report as complete as possible, see that every word was spelled correctly, and the writing done as nicely as she was capable of doing it. We do not expect you to become perfect at once, but earnestly desire that you will all study diligently, and strive to improve very much. We have many good secretaries already & hope to have many more. Bro. [George] Goddard has spoken very highly of our minutes, and we consider his opinion of worth, as he is one of the best of secretaries. Do not be discouraged because you cannot do as well now as you could wish to, remember there is no excellence without labor. Let us take the Prophet Joseph Smith for an example. When God called him he had but little education; he however saw the need of it, & by applying himself diligently to study, succeeded in mastering several languages.

She exhorted all her sisters present, to make a good use of their time, always to consult the interest and feelings of each other, and work unitedly to assist in building up the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Sister E. [Elizabeth A.] Howard urged her young sisters, to treasure up the excellent counsel they had received to day. [. . .] [p. 57]

[. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow Smith again addressed the meeting. Said Pres. Herrick had requested her to speak and as she wished to be obedient, would say a few words. There were many subjects, which might be talked upon, but it was getting late, and she did not deem it wisdom to continue the meeting much longer. Felt to bless her young sisters, and would say to them seek unto God with all your hearts, give heed to the good counsel, and never be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Remember you have to work out your own salvation; neither father, brother, or husband can do it for you. Your eternal existence depends upon how you spend this life; therefore seek to treasure up knowledge every day, strive to be useful encourage others to live their religion, comfort the sick and afflicted, and ever earnestly seek the spirit of God to direct you. Her prayer was that we might all fill up our lives with good deeds, [p. 58] be valient in the truth, and win the reward for which we are laboring.

[. . .] [p. 59]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1879–1966), vol. 1 (1879–1885), pp. 52–59, CHL (LR 9970 17); Rosalthe Canfield, Secretary.

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