20 June 1881

Portage Primary; Portage, Utah Territory

Meeting called to Order By Sister E R Snow [. . .] Sister E R Snow told the children a bout the fair and told them how they could assist in getting up a fair told the little boys that they could make ox yokes and bous [bows] and said for the older ones to make little wageons and anything they could do said for the girls to make tides and pin cushens and any little thing is acceptabel told the older girls to take great pains in showing the smaller ones how to do and to set a good exampel before them at all times also showed the Children Joseph Smith Watch and spoke to them a short time about him and Explained the partaking of the Sacrament and Explaned the things of Nauvoo closed by praying the Lord to bless the children in the name of Jesus Amen [. . .] [p. 45]

Source Note

Portage Ward, Malad Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1879–1973), vol. 1 (1879–1906), p. 45, CHL (LR 7113 18); Matilda Gibbs, Secretary.

See also “Visit to Box Elder and Malad,” Woman’s Exponent 10, no. 4 (15 July 1881): 29.

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