14 June 1881

Box Elder Stake Relief Society; Box Elder Tabernacle, Brigham City, Utah Territory

[. . .] present from S. l. [Salt Lake] city E. R. Snow & Zina D. Youg [H. Young] [. . .]

Sist Zina D. Youg

[. . .] How good the Love [p. 101] is Here we have sist Eliza, a living witness of the first organization of R. S. [Relief Society] all this He [the Lord] has done for us sisters to help us to avoid the rough school of the adversary. [. . .]

Conference Afternoon [. . .] [p. 102] [. . .]

Sist E. R. Snow

I deam [deem] it an honor to meet with you in this tabernacle I do love to see the sisters united if we are of one heart and one minde as a R S we are greatly blessed. Those of us that are active members in R. S. have accomplished much good, in all our labors of love love and union, much still is to do, some act as the world go from this house and blaspheme. how are are theese to be preserved from aposticy, hold not unto the Rod of iron. I acknowledge all good work but I feel it is necesary to try to do a little better The nearer <more> we can humble the more we can cherish the Holy Ghost. Sist [Sisters] it is necesary for our spirits to grow or we can never be perfect. I feel we need to draw nearer to God. I feel earnestly to seak the mercies of His Holy spirit I have no doubt you The purposes of God are near. We need to prepair I dont know how long before the fall of Babylon I do not know of any in Zion so well prepaired for it as you are. A great need of improvement yet. We should teach our children to be proud of wearing home made I think it is to soon to pray for the fall of Babalon we need to be reminded to be use of these things mothers dont encourage your daughters to go to S L [p. 103] or Ogden to hire out There is some good people and some of the worst in these places. Mothers throw protection arond the youmg If we all are up to dut[i]es. Rather follow them to their graves, then send them to theese schools institated [instituted] by strangers let them lack knowledge They are more assideous in their efforts in implanting their faith, then we are often, dont be unwise sisters Spoke of out siders stores said dont suppurt then I am ashamed of any that have traided there. Sist I wanto [want to] put you on your guard You and I will have to meet every act of our lives. Lets be humble The Lord says the will be saught [sought] unto. We do many things light all theese have there affects.

Plural marriage is a sacred principal I never speak lightly of it. The Church of Jesus Christe was not fully organized untill R S were organized The books will be opened and see how much each one has done in Cheering & Leading . in the path of duty Teachers of the R S have the right to administer to the sick.1 A teacher is the one <most> important place. First humble your self, that you may disern spirits What a blessing we have the priesthood to direct us when at a loss. R S are not organized by woman The Y. L. [Young Ladies] can be by woman The stake president <RS> should organize the P. A. [Primary Association] or Y L. I am autherezed to do it I have tried to explain this to the women

I have long felt the necesity of the P. A I say to the presidents dont be [let?] any thi[n]g kake ya [make you?] feel fearful the Lord is mindeful of you—Amen

[. . .] [p. 104]

Source Note

Box Elder Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1857–1944), vol. 4 (1878–1890), pp. 101–104, CHL (LR 933 14).

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