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22 May 1881

Big Cottonwood Primary; Big Cottonwood Meetinghouse, Big Cottonwood [Holladay], Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister E. R. Snow Smith organized the children Mrs. E. [Emmeline] B. Wells present also Mrs. E. [Elizabeth A.] Howard Prest of Relief Society.

Mrs. Sister. Eliza addressed the children previous to opening the meeting talked atout about Jesus and the object of these meetings ect. [. . .] Sister Eliza asked the children how she should know if they wanted to be organized and they voted. Then She told them that Jesus was a carpenter then asked them if she should consult with the Bishop about a prest the children said yes [. . .] Sister Eliza told the children how to get some money asked the children how many officers they had answerd with ninty six members inrolled [. . .] [p. 1]

Mrs. Wells said [. . .] Sister Snow will be so pleased to hear that none of you go into any ones orchard and take apples or fruit that does not belong to you. [. . .] you boys may have to go on missions and you can say that you were organized by Sister Snow the [p. 2] wife of the prophet Joseph Smith [. . .] Sister Eliza said that one Bishop said the Primary association was the greatest blessing that had ever came to his ward. Who was the Dr of the latter-day saints answer the Lord asked them if they ever adminstered to the sick two little boys their mother was taken sick said we must run and get the Elders the big one said I can adminster to mother to mother the but the little one ran away and when he came back with the Elders the mother was well.1 asked them simelar [similar] questions about broken bones ect A brother had his arm broken all splintred, ther was no Dr and an Elder adminstered to him and he was healed ta[l]ked about faith and asked them not to fear Diphtheria if they was not afraid they would be preserved. Joseph Smith the first prophet of this dispensation and Sister Eliza showed them his watch wanted to see then improve [. . .] [p. 3]

[. . .] prayer by Sister. E. R. S. Smith [p. 4]

Source Note

Big Cottonwood Ward, Granite Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1881–1948), vol. 1 (1881–1884), pp. 1–4, CHL (LR 712 18).

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