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27 April 1881

Salt Lake City Thirteenth Ward Relief Society; Bathsheba W. Smith Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Large, two-story brick home with covered porch

Bathsheba and George A. Smith residence and Church Historian’s Office, Salt Lake City, 1866. (Courtesy Church History Library, Bathsheba W. Bigler Smith photograph collection, circa 1865-1900. Photograph by Savage & Ottinger.)

[. . .] As our dear Sister Eliza R Snow was here she [Pres. Rachel R. Grant] would give way, that we might enjoy a few remarks from her. Sister E R. Snow said It was quite a treat to meet with the Sisters here, she had been away so long. Reffered to assisting the Poor. It was necessary to find out who are worthy as there are some who are able to help themselves. will impose.—[p. 353] But the sick and the aged must be attended to. We need Wisdom from God to know how to distribute our means. It is quite an important Society for the relief of the Poor. And the Church cannot do very well without it She remembered well when no one ever thought to pray for the Relief Society wondered what would have been done without these associations. She spoke of the many different settlements she had visited with Sisters Zina D [H.] Young Minerva [W.] Snow, Emmeline B Wells & others to form associations for the Relief Societies and the Young a great many appreciating and some stuped [stooped] to their own interests. They <She> had travelled <a> thousand miles in company with her good Sisters both north & South. Spoke of the love she felt for her Sisters we should try and do all the good we can to eachother. If any lie about us or speak unkindly of us, they do themselves the most injury. Recommended the Sisters when tired and worn out and felt unable to go to meeting to go to the Lord for strength and would feel refreshed and strengthened in attending to that duty. Thought it better not to be always speaking of our ailments but strive to have cheerful dispositions and countenance. Spoke in glowing terms of the Blessed change that awaited the faithful.—

Sister Grant said we had all been much encouraged by the remarks of our dear Sister E. R. Snow. [. . .] [p. 354]

Source Note

Thirteenth Ward, Ensign Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1906), vol. 1 (1868–1898), pp. 353–354, CHL (LR 6133 14); Elizabeth H. Goddard, Secretary.

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