10 November 1880

Holden Relief Society; Holden, Utah Territory

[. . .] Prest. [Nancy M.] Ashby then arose and introduced Sisters E. R. Snow and Zina D. [H.] Young. Sister Snow then addressed the sisters, said that the elect ladies were those that were called to preside; every lady latter-day saint should be a member of the Relief Society in the Nauvoo the sisters were all anxious to join the Society, but now they have to be coaxed to join it; Joseph Smith said that the Relief Society was a soulsaving organization. She said that her coming here did not increase our obligation of coming to meeting said that we should <come> whem there were no visitors as well as when they were; and if any go estray take them by the hand and help them to come back to the love of the Gospel; we should live so that we would not be ashamed to meet God in the day of judgment. Said that the battle betwen the flesh and the Spirit was to the Saints the battle of life. Told us that if the next generation did not have greater faith than than this one we would be swept from the face of the earth; Said God had placed us here to become celestial beings and we should arouse ourselves to diligence for there was but few who went ahead and did all they could. Said that mothers ought to realize that the Primary Asociations was to help them to train their children aright and therefore they should sustain them. Said the spirit of the Gospel was to draw to-gether the Spirit of the world was to divide. Advised the sis[p. 87]ters to store wheat away; and if they could not get wheat to put away white beans. Wished the society to donate some for the B. Y. [Brigham Young] Academy.

[. . .]

Sister Snow then arose and spoke in tongues and Sister Young interpreted it. [. . .] [p. 88]

Source Note

Holden Ward, Millard Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1870–1972), vol. 1 (1870–1890), pp. 87–88, CHL (LR 3838 14).

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