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4 May 1880

Salt Lake City Nineteenth Ward Relief Society; Nineteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Meeting was opened by singing O My Father

[. . .] Sr E R Snow said I am much pleased to meet these sisters in their ward I have been thinking if those sisters are united with the Bishop and his Coun [counselors] what powerful aid they have We have all started out on the same road but some are diligent and some are not nothing but the gospel of Christ will avail us I have lived as long as people generally live and to look back my life seems short My young sisters I did not have the priveledges you have but I was taught I was responsible for my acts I am sorry where I see them careless Your responsibilities will increase and all your capabilities will be called into requisition

May God bless the Pri Asso<cia> [Primary Association] are you punctual it is an important principal If you are diligent you will become greater than me It is for us sisters to set an example to the younger it is better than precept. If the mother pays an honest tithing the children will see and imitate it these things tell in after years first impressions are lasting and mothers should be careful Th[e]y should be interested in the Pri Asso children are always learning if not something good then had [bad] in the Asso they are taught the principles of the gospel they should be made interesting The mothers should make an effort to have them attend We have had a growth of children that became infidels we do not want any more what is the advantage of wealth to a mother if her children go astray some let children go to other schools than our own I would rather them never see inside of a book than depart from the truth the other Asso are doing much good our best missionaries go from them but the mothers are responsible the care on the Pres and her Coun are great & mothers assist them the generations that are coming along have got to stand in perilious [perilous] times and they should be prepared by faith in God, God bless you comfort the [p. 124] weak and raise up the bowed down that they may become strong is my prayer amen

[. . .] [p. 125]

Source Note

Nineteenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1971), vol. 3 (1875–1897), pp. 124–125, CHL (LR 6092 14).

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 24 (15 May 1880): 189.

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