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13 March 1880

Tooele Stake Relief Society; Tooele Meetinghouse, Tooele, Utah Territory

[Editorial Note: This discourse was reported in two different sources. Both versions are transcribed below. For more information, see the source note following each transcript.]

I. From the Relief Society Minutes

Present on the Stand.

President E. R. Snow Sr [Sister] Zina. D. [H.] Young and E. J. [Elmina S.] Taylor. from Salt Lake City.

[. . .]

Moved by Sr. E. R. Snow that Emily Warburton act as Secratary of this conference, as the Secratary was unable to attend. seconded and carried.

[. . .] [p. 40] [. . .]

President E. R. Snow. made some very exelent remarks upon the duties of the Relief Society, that we should be helpmates to the Priesthood, fellow helpers in building up Zion, punctual and Industrious, Joseph Smith said we were to take care of the Poor, to look after the evles [evils] of Society, so far as our sex is concerned, by so doing we became eventually Savours [Saviors] on Mount Zion.

[. . .] [p. 41]

[. . .]

Sister E. R. Snow said we ought to be very carefull of our words and acts we may deceave [deceive] one another, but we cannot deceave those that are watching over us. The young are now forming characters for eternity, and if you wish to be usefull in life set your Standerd High, and work up to it. Let your religion enter into every thing you do, and you will become what God intends you to be.

[. . .] [p. 42]

Source Note

Tooele Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1971), vol. 1 (1878–1921), pp. 40–42, CHL (LR 9215 14); Emily Warburton, Secretary.

II. From the Woman’s Exponent

[. . .] Visitors from Salt Lake City, Sisters Eliza R. Snow, Zina D. [H.] Young, and Elmina S. Taylor [. . .] Sister E. R. Snow spoke upon unity, confidence, the storing of grain and sericulture; alluded to the recent organization of the Silk Association, and urged the people to take an active interest in this branch of home manufacture, and gave much general instruction, calculated to awaken renewed interest in the Gospel. [. . .] [p. 175]

Source Note

Ann Tate, “R. S. Reports: Tooele Stake,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 22 (15 Apr. 1880): 175.

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