2 March 1880

Salt Lake City Eighteenth Ward Relief Society; Lion House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Large, white, two-story house with gabled roof and large front porch and balcony.

Lion House, 1861, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Photograph by Marsena Cannon.

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Pres E. R. Snow then requested the sisters to join with her in offering a prayer in behalf of the sick in the ward.

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Pres Snow then followed with some interesting remarks said, I have never doubted the truth of the work in which we are engaged in, if the Spirit of God did not operate no one could know of the truth of the work of God. A person may know for a month, or a week, that it is true, but the time may come when they doubt, why, because they have lost the light of the Spirit of God.

Just as our bodies need food to nourish it [p. 63] so does the spirit need spiritual food. When we do not attend our meetings, we can not enjoy so much of the spirit of God, and when we feel that we do not care for the society of the saints, we lose the good spirit. Jesus says, if we love one another it is a proof that we love God.

When I see my sisters I feel as though I want to be with them, at night when I lay down to sleep, I realize how helpless I am, and how good it is to be able to ask my Father in all confidence to preserve me through the dark hours of the night. Spoke of the necessity of storing up grain, for the time of need.

[. . .] [p. 64]

Source Note

Eighteenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1877–1941), vol. 1 (1877–1892), pp. 63–64, CHL (LR 2523 14); Mary M. Schettler, Secretary.

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