4 December 1879

Weber Stake Relief Society; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

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Sister Eliza Snow addressed the meeting said I want the faith an[d] prayers of all present for with out the Spirit of God I cannot edify you God makes use of weak instruments sometimes to carry out His purposes. We are all immortal beings, an draw this immortality from the earth, were it not for this affinity to earthly things our bodies would go back to the eliments from which they came. Our boddies hold us here an they are to[o] apt to hold our spirits too much to earthly things an not enough to the things of God an heavenly things beings. Is this gospel a trifling affair no it is not it is true principles an will not perish, it should enter in to our lives and absorb every feeling of our hearts. What would it do for us if we could an would only live as we are permited to live. Do we get revelation if we do not we are living beneath our privlidges. What Those that think they can stay <at home> & never attend meeting and serve God are mistaken. All of you if you have kept faithful are thankful you have not appostatized from the truth. We must not omit one duty if we do it leaves a place for the evil one to creep in. The children get food from outside schools that they cannot get at latter day saints schools to lead them astray. I was pleased with the minutes that has been read with exception I did not hear any thing said about the primary association. If you all took the interest in them that I do you would have it on your minds continualy. Every mother should take great interest in sending their children to these associations and get the principles of the gospel instilled upon their young an tender minds. What will the future of Zion be unless the children are taken care of We will have the worst generation on earth, when these young [p. 118] ladies were children we did not see boys with cigaretts & cigars in their mouths on every corner of the street. We want to change these affairs an lay this subject before your minds, so that it cannot be forgotten. When this generation grows up if they are trained properly they will not be afraid of sickness an affliction they will have the power of the Ancient prophets When your children come home from their meetings ask them what they said an done keep it fresh up on their minds. Are we not afraid of diphtheria when it comes in our midst this is a testimony to me we are not living as we should live Was Daniel afraid of the wicked when they was seeking his life no he praid [prayed] with his windows open. We cannot seek the Lord indiferently an expect Him to answer our prayers. Blessed are every one that has stept [stepped] foward an taken charge of these associations. The young ladies are prepairing themselves to become mothers in Isreal that will be worthy instruments in the hands of God. I am proud of the young that are forsaking the society of the wicked an seeking the associations of the Saints. The sisters that are neglecting the meetings that are organized for them do not realize what they are loosing, none of us are doing so well but what we can draw a little nearer to the Lord. If we do not make use of the privelidge we are sorounded with we will lose the glory we have set out for. we can trifle with ourselves an one another but we cannot trifle with the Lord. when we have the spirit of God with us we have nothing to complain of. There is no enfluence that can teach an[y] thing good except the spirit of God. What are the riches of this world for to enrich ourselves no. It is to help build up Zion. When we went in to the waters of baptism we gave ourselves to God entirely. We do not any of us know what we were sent down on this earth for it is our privelidge to live so we can know what our duties are. What do I care for the tounge [tongue] of slander it is them I pity no one can harm us unless we harm our selves how can we hold hardness toward one another every one has to answer for their own sins and not for anothers The only way I can see to keep from apostizing is to keep all the commandments of God live so you can feel He is smilling [smiling] upon you. There is a rest for the faithful sometime but not now. How much good can we do is there any one getting into darkness that we can give a word of comfort an council [p. 119] Let us try Sisters an live so we can have the spirit of peace in our hearts continualy. A key to salvation is never shirk one duty no matter how small do good all the time somewhere home is the first place. I pray that you may each one have the sweet enfluence with you <of the> holy spirit with you continualy may the Lord except [accept] an take us to His heart is my prayer in the name of Jesus.

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Source Note

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