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14 June 1879

Tooele Stake Relief Society; Social Hall, Grantsville, Utah Territory

[Editorial Note: This discourse was reported in several sources. Two versions are transcribed below. For more information, see the source note following each transcript.]

I. From the Stake Relief Society Minutes

Present on the Stand.

[. . .] President E. R. Snow. Bathsheba [W.] Smith and E. [Emmeline] B. Wells. of Salt Lake City

[. . .]

Sr E. R. Snow arose and said, it was in order. at the opening of a Conference for the President to make a few remarks she felt greatfull that so many of the Brethren were present. the interests of Man and Woman were one. they could not be seperated and either retain any value. She exhorted the Sisters to faithfullness, unity, and obedience to the Priesthood.

Sister B. W. Smith [. . .] liked Sister Snows remarkes, and rejoiced in mingling her testamony with those of the Saints [. . .] [p. 23]

Source Note

Tooele Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1971), vol. 1 (1878–1921), p. 23, CHL (LR 9215 14); Mary A. House, Secretary.

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 3 (1 July 1879): 21.

II. From the Woman’s Exponent

[. . .]

Present on the stand; were Miss E. R. Snow, Mrs. E. [Emmeline] B. Wells, Mrs. Bathsheba W. Smith, from Salt Lake City [. . .]

[. . .] Miss E. R. Snow then gave a very interesting address, said she was delighted to see so many of the brethren present and was glad to see so many of her sisters; said that man and woman’s interests were one, and that we were born to labor for the interests of Zion; exhorted all to faithfulness, and urged mothers to look after the welfare of their children. [. . .] [p. 34]

Source Note

Mary A. Hunter, Mary A. House, and Ann Tate, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 5 (1 Aug. 1879): 34.

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