2 June 1879

Pleasant Grove Primary; Pleasant Grove Meetinghouse, Pleasant Grove, Utah Territory

One-story, light stucco building with a bell turret

The Pleasant Grove meetinghouse was built in 1864, and later used as the Pioneer Hall by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

[. . .] Meeting called to order and presided over by Sister Eliza R Snow. Sister Snow rellated an incident of the good order kept by the Indians when they came to visit the Prophet Joseph Smith. and wished the Children would keep as still and give as good attention as the indians do when they go to meeting. Requested the children to rise to their feet and all join in the [n.p.] singing. [. . .] Singing by all the children. Sister Snow then asked the following questions.1 Why can we not see God? because we are not pure in heart. asked the children to repeat after her what Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” What does Amen mean? you should all say amen at the <be it so> close of a prayer. What do you come togather for? To worship God. Does God see you? Yes. What <When>? All the time. Does God hear you, Yes. What is the name of your Organization? How many officers have you Six. Name them, How should little boys do in meeting? Keep still. What makes good men and women? good boys and girls. What Settlement do you live in? How many wards are there? Who is your Bishop? Who are his counselors? Who was the first prophet of the last days? What became of Joseph Smith? Who lead the church after Joseph Smith was martyred? Who lead the Saints [n.p.] to the valleys? Who presides over the church now Asked the children, do you like to hear stories? What is it to steal? a little boy stole eggs, took them to his mother, she did not tell him it was wicked. did not have Primary Associations then. Done other wicked deeds, went to court was tried, condemmed, Sent to prison, his mother was in court, Told her she was to blame. Sister Snow then told the Story of Daniel, Who was he, How often did he pray? Who <Did> Daniel stop praying? Who was king Darius, What law did the king make? How did the king feel after he had made the law It could not be changed How long was Daniel in the lions den? What did the King say when he went to the den in the morning? Daniel has the Lord whom you serve delivered three [thee] What did Daniel say O King live forever The Lord whom I serve has sent his angels to shut the mouths of the lions, Then wished to hear a few recitations, [. . .] [n.p.] [. . .] Sister Snow then asked A few more questions Do you love your meetings The young brothers must have faith like the 2000 Nephites whose mothers taught them Who is the Dr. of the L D S [Latter-day Saint]?” What diseases can he cure? What should you do when you are sick When Joseph Smith was in Kirtland, he had to keep a guard every night to keep the wicked men from killing him The children had meeting They prayed for Joseph he had <heard> then and told the guard they might go home for he should be safe from harm. Sister Snow then said to the Children you must have a president would you like [n.p.] to have sister [Elizabeth C.] Brown suggest one Sister Brown proposed Sister Harriet C. West, Will you love her, and do you think she will love you? Sister West was then elected by unanimus vote a President. [. . .] The following questions were asked Who is your great Father? What relations are you to God? What relations are you to each other? How should you feel towards each other Sister Snow blessed the children and adjourned the meeting [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Pleasant Grove Branch, Utah Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1905), vol. 1 (1878–1882), n.p., CHL (LR 7006 18); Delia I. Winters, Secretary.

See also Pleasant Grove Branch, Utah Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1905), vol. 2 (1878–1879), p. 4, CHL (LR 7006 18).

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