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27 May 1879

Gunnison Relief Society; Gunnison, Utah Territory

Special meeting of the R. S. Sisters E. R. Snow and M. [Mary] Isabella Horne present.

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Sister E. R. Snow next addressed the sisters. Live up to your professions; for your works will show what you are. Related an interesting circumstance of a sick sister, who in a vision saw a personage weighing characters of men and women. That personage asked her, what good she could report of herself she said: none. “Go home” he said. “live 40 years longer, and see if you can not have some good to report of yourself.” We enlisted in this work for all day; not till noon; not for a while, and then turn away.

If we are indifferent to our duties, we form indifferent characters, and we may apply the saying “Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion.[”]

She then made the sisters acquainted with the plan of establishing a Hospital in Utah. Shares could be [p. 7] taken at 10 $ each, and they again could be divided and subdivided. When the sisters had decided they could report to Sister Mary Ann [P.] Hyde.

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Pres’t [Sarah G.] Copley expressed her gratitude for what had been said to us [. . .] Might Sisters Snow and Horne live long to do good

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Source Note

Gunnison Ward, Gunnison Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1872–1949), vol. 1 (1872–1879), pp. 6–8, CHL (LR 3518 14).

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