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9 March 1879

Pleasant Green Relief Society; Pleasant Green Schoolhouse, Brighton [Magna], Utah Territory

[. . .] bishop Shonfield [Frederick Schoenfeld] he made a few remarks and said <the> sisters E. R. Snow and sister Horn [Mary Isabella Horne] had come to orga[n]ize a relief Society hoped they would be sucessful [. . .] the sisters were ordained to there several callings sister Snow then spoke of the duty devolving upon the sisters she wished them to meet often and assist in doing good and she would take an interest in with them [. . .] [p. 1]

Source Note

Pleasant Green Ward, Oquirrh Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1879–1952), vol. 1 (1879–1892), p. 1, CHL (LR 6996 14).

See also “Editorial Notes,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 20 (15 Mar. 1879): 211; “Obituaries,” Woman’s Exponent 9, no. 4 (15 July 1880): 29; and “Local and Other Matters: Organization,” Deseret Evening News 12, no. 90 (10 Mar. 1879): [3].