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21 January 1879

Anniversary Celebration; Lion House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Lion House, 1861.

Lion House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. (Courtesy Church History Library. Photograph by Marsena Cannon, circa 1861.)

Sister Eliza R. Snow is one whom all delight to honor; and by her uniform life of uncompromising integrity, her labors of love and duty, she has earned all the regard that is continually offered to her On Jan. 21st she attained the age of 75 years, and her sisters, with Mrs. Margaret P. Young at their head, inaugurated a surprise party in her honor. [. . .]

[. . .] Sister Snow then arose to express her rich appreciation of all that had been [p. 186] done and said in her honor; her feelings wellnigh overcame her, but with that noble self-command for which she is proverbial she soon regained her wanted equanimity, and expressed herself most feelingly and with every appreciation. The company did not separate till a late hour, each one feeling it was indeed “the communion of Saints.” All was love and peace and harmony throughout the entire evening—a time long to be remembered, or, rather, never to be forgotten. God bless Sister Snow, and may her future time be her pastime a million times magnified.

[. . .] [p. 187]

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H. T. K., “Home Affairs: A Most Happy Union,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 17 (1 Feb. 1879): 186–187.

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