15 January 1879

Big Cottonwood Relief Society; Big Cottonwood Meetinghouse, Big Cottonwood [Holladay], Utah Territory

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Miss E R Snow. I am always anxious to meet with my sisters. I think of the important things that God has revealed in the last dispensation. Let us determine to live nearer to God this year than ever. It is just as necessary for our spirits to be fed and be fed often as for our bodies to be nourished and clothed.

We should pray and pray fervently that we may have the comforter for our companion It will teach us the past present and the future and will assist us to do right.

The society is not only to relieve the poor but to save souls. We love to have our brethren meet with us it strengthens us. I would say God bless the diligent. In the church and kingdom of God there is no such thing as dividing the interest of man and woman God will bless the punctual in time and eternity they will yet reign over kingdoms. [p. 460]

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Miss E R Snow. said I have permission to say a few words on the subject of the primary Association. We have had some excellent remarks on the education of our children

These organizations of our young people are doing a great amount of good.

Joseph Smith said it was just as natural for children to love good as to love evil but they must have good placed before them. We desire to save the little ones.

[. . .] [p. 462]

Source Note

Big Cottonwood Ward, Granite Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1948), vol. 1 (1868–1882), pp. 460–462, CHL (LR 712 14); Ann F. Boyes, Secretary.

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