13 September 1873

Retrenchment Association; Fourteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White building with wood trim, Salt Lake City, circa 1890

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward meetinghouse, circa 1890. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

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Coun. Miss E R. Snow

I have been absent two weeks visiting the various settlements <North & South> notifying the sisters with regard to the two classes of students. I left last Wednesday for the north to notify them of the classes oppertunity of the elderlay [elderly] sisters of attending the lectures on obsteterics, and of the younger ones distinguishing themselves by becoming doctors The meetings that we held were largely attended. We talked to them as well as we were able and tried to awaken them a sense of properly fulfilling their position as women. When we arrived at Ogden on our return home I was made to praise the God of Saints. Some time ago I was there and visited two very sick sisters, since then they have been getting well better. I called to see see one of them she was sitting up. I felt to praise the Lord that he had bestowed upon us the privilege of administering in this holy ordinance We [n.p.] do not as a people posess sufficient energy of character. We are too easily discouraged. We should be indomitable in our courage. God bless you my sisters. He encourages you by his spirit in every laudable undertaking

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Mrs [Agnes C.] Douglass said

I am pleased to meet with you. We are enlisted in the work of God. A little over three weeks ago Sisters Snow and [Elizabeth A.] Howard administered to me immediately after which the weakness left my lungs, which I attribute to the power of God. [. . .]

Coun Miss E. R. Snow said

Miss Dr [Mary H.] Barker proposed to give thirty lessons, also one hour in each week to devote to general information The terms are $15.00. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at three o[’]clock P. M. are the stated hours. It is held in the first dwelling house south of President [Daniel H.] Wells’ residence on Main Street.— Those younger ladies who are going through <with> a collegiate course of study may now attend the class taught by Miss M. [Mary] E Cook. I hope we have [n.p.] young ladies in Salt Lake that have enough energy of character to come forward and pursue these studies. The question may arise why should the sisters be called upon to become doctors We want sister physicians that can officiate in any capacity that the gentlemen are called upon to officiate <and> unless they educate themselves the gentlemen that are flocking in our midst will do it. Women can occupy precisely the same footing that men occupy as physicians and surgeons. We want you to be competent to act in any capacity. You may feel now that you will never have the nerve, but as you study and become interested in the cause you will be able in emergencies to perform the most difficult surgical operations. I would like to possess all the knowledge that relates to the human system.

If we do not do our duty the Lord will raise is able to raise up those who will. The more we qualify ourselves to usefulness the wider will be our sphere in life and the more shall we be needed. Who feels indifferent but what wishes to be needed some where.

The development of faculty depends upon our own exertions materially, but God will help those who try to help themselves.

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Coun Miss E R Snow said

In Brigham city after the ladies held their meeting the elders also held a meeting the grand subject being Cooperation Brigham City has the name of cooperation in more instances than any other Settlement in the Territory. In our cooperation we expect to do great things. We can cooperate in faith which pleases God, and in this way the sick are healed

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Source Note

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See also Maggie M. Groo, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 2, no. 9 (1 Oct. 1873): 66–67.