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13 April 1872

Retrenchment Association; Fourteenth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .] Remarks by Coun Miss E. R. Snow

I am very much pleased with the minutes if we had no more exercises I would feel amply for paid. I wish to say a few words of encouragement to the young ladies. All have commenced as the godesses of eternity commenced. We can see the progress which those who have continued have made. I thought I would memorize the good points and speak upon them but found that they were <too> numerous to do so. I wish every them to understand realize that every one who attains to usefulness and eminence has to commence in the same place If they will continue they will become eminent in usefulness in Zion. They are developing themselves in a manner that will make them eminently useful in goodness; this is the privilege of every one. Order, I believe is the subject for today it is <an> inexhaustable subject. I wish the sisters to speak as their inclination leads them. They will not rise with the spirit of the Lord and fail to say anything and that is beneficial. I give the meeting into your hands and whoever feels to speak do so. Nothing but the effusions of the Spirit of God can eddify a saint. [. . .] [n.p.]

[. . .] Mrs [Matilda] East said she thought it would be a good idea for some of the young ladies to study phonetics so that the speeches could be taken in full.

Coun. Miss E R Snow said

I wish to express my ideas in regard to phonetics. I do not wish <a> phonographic reporter to take minutes: it requires constant study I think we have excellent secretaries and frequently boast of them. When they take the minutes of meetings they are learning to cull the most important points. I hope they will all keep books. It requires a great deal of judgment to determine what to record and what to omit If they are reported in phonography they would have to translate it go over it again and then select, which takes requires more time than this fast age can spare. If we wish to get get any thing perfect we must go step by step and not jump After we get one set thoroughly educated we would like them to give place to others and <have> about have forty (40) Secretaries. It would be impossible to take every thing down and it is improving their judgment. [. . .] [n.p.]

[. . .] Coun Miss E R Snow called upon Miss [Louisa Lula] Greene the Editor of the Woman’s Exponent. [n.p.]

[. . ] Coun. Miss E R Snow said

It is time for our meeting to close The spirit of the Lord is here and I have very much enjoyed the meeting [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Minutes of the Senior and Junior Co-operative Retrenchment Association (1870–1880), n.p., CHL (CR 100 904); Maggie Mair, Secretary.