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12 August 1871

Salt Lake City Seventh Ward Relief Society; Seventh Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White stone building with arched windows

Salt Lake City Seventh Ward meetinghouse, constructed in 1877. (Fairbanks, P. Kent. Seventh Ward Chapel, 116 West Fifth South Street, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT. 1967. Photograph. Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress.

[. . .] President Mrs. [Elizabeth M.] Huffaker, said As Sisters Snow & [Bathsheba W.] Smith have met with us we would like to hear from them.

Sister E. R. Snow said she would state that as Sister Huffaker resides on Cottonwood it is not conveniant for her to meet as often as she would like also she is a little jellous that they Sisters will think that she cannot fill her Office I will Motion that we put it to vote that you sustain her in her office as president of this Society.

[. . .]

Sister Snow said she was pleased to see to see so many of the Sisters but thought the house ought to be full if the Sisters were as much engaged in this great work as the gentiles are in the getting of Gold the[y] could almost take the world by storm if this were so we would soon become a distinct people, it is dificult now to recognise a Saint from a sinner, [p. 60] in speaking the other day I was saying that it was hard to recognise the true Saint as the scum would rise to the top of the pot, she wanted the Sisters to be wise in regard receiving the good and rejecting the evil, and we know that the day will come that we will have all the riches that we will be worthy of, now it is our business to cultivate our faculties and capabilities, in regard to the Relief Societies the[y] are not carried on nor comprehended as the will be Joseph Smith that they were to save soles as well as bodies how can we do this if we neglect our duties the responcibility rests upon the members as well as the officers all must be united in carr[y]ing out this great work. we must also try to cultivate our gifts the Lord will hold us acountable for the gifts he has blessed us with, the gift of speech how bueatiful it is, we should all be preachers what go to the nations of the earth? no, but I have known Sisters that were sent with their husbands and been the means of doing much good, the Sisters ought to be able to teach and explain our principles if they were placed in situations where it was called for,

I believe those Sisters that take the name and meet with the Releif Society will be blessed in so doing I beleive that their labours will be lightened, is there anyone hear that is any poorer for what they have done? I say no, I met with a gentleman that told me that I ought to go back to the States I told him no but if I could do the same amount of good by going back I would not mind going, I did not beleive that I could. I feel that my duty is hear we must not live to gratify our desires but to do good. the principle of Plurality will do more to elevate the human family than any other principle will. what woman is going to set up her will against so high and Noble a principle, well says one what is the use of me sacrificeing my happiness for some one else, now What does pure happiness exist in? it is in doing good <striving to do right> why is there so much oposition throughout the world against this principle? it is because it is a pure true principle I can speake of this from experiance I embraced this at a very early peoried [period], in doing the will of God we feel that we have a claim upon him for his spirit where the spirit of God is there is beauty no matter how plain the countenance, when we bring ourselves to do the will of God we will not find it so great a trial. it was considered nessery [necessary] when we came to this earth that our memory should be taken from us so that we might be proved, I think that we have been respectable or we would not have been in this Church and kingdom, we must must try to associate with the great and noble [p. 61] ther is some small things I wish to speak upon, when the sacrament is passed they should not drink to quench the thirst also the bread should be taken with the right hand and with the glove off. inregard [in regard] to the endowment Clothes there are very few that know how to make them to the proper pattern this should not be I want my sisters to learn to make them in the right way so that when these that are old and pass away they will not be at a loss I have heard of some putting the Clothing to some that have not had their endowment this had not ought to be as it will not do them any good and it is not right.

The young sisters ought to be instructed in the principels of the gosple also their duties as Mothers hear is where their educaton comences. there are a great many that are morneing over the young girls going of[f] with the gentiles this is the result of the way the[y] have been instructed or for the lack of proper instructions.

I do not think you need be at any loss for Subjects to speak on some will say that they are not able to Speak their feelings I do not think that any of us would be able if we did not try it is not all done at once it was quite a trial for me but I resolved to overcome and do what ever I was called upon to perform this is what we have to do if we wish to make any progres we have to be diligent attend to our prayers and not speak but by the spirit of God the fruits of the Spirit of God is faith hope Charity long suffering &c and when you go to meeting be sure to take some of the good spirit home with you May the Lord bless you Amen.

Sister Smith said she would like to say a few words Sister Snow said that there were not many that knew how to make the endowment clothing right [. . .] [p. 62]

[. . .]

Benediction by Eliza R Snow [p. 63]

Source Note

Seventh Ward, Pioneer Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1848–1942), vol. 4 (1868–1907), pp. 60–63, CHL (LR 12586 14).

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