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30 June 1870

Salt Lake City Twentieth Ward Relief Society; Abraham O. Smoot Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Eliza R Snow spoke on the subject of dress said it was the earnest desire of the Pres [Brigham Young] that there should be a reforme insisted upon it in his own family wished them to set the example—that he had been very indulgent and now felt the Lord would be displeased if he did not take measures to put it down—had made known his desires in a meeting of his owne family [p. 178] they expressing a willingness by vote to abide by the counsels given—said the adversary was trying his utmoast to keep up his department, hence the necesity of earnest devotion—not to get enthusiastic but felt that the young should feel an interest and begin to realize and understand why they were here on the earth—said some of our young people thought it beneath them to teach children at Sunday School not realizing that there was dignety in doing good though small the appearance of occupation—desired that they might from principal and true understanding conduct them selves with true decorum, as would prove a shield to them and keep at a distance from evil influnises [influences], and familiarites of strangers—have the will to do good and the strength will be given—ask and it will be given—watch as well as pray—allow not your faith to weaken a little to day and a little tomorrow untill the spirit is grieved and departs—I am glad to see the young comming forward and taking part with the elder[l]y sisters—indure and be punctual in good works and the angles [angels] will report you, and your works will be reported in the heavens—

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Benediction by Eliza R Snow [. . .] [p. 180]

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Twentieth Ward, Ensign Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1877), pp. 178–180, CHL (LR 9455 14); Eliza S. Dunford, Secretary.

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