15 May 1870

Salt Lake City Twentieth Ward Relief Society; Abraham O. Smoot Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Prayr by E R Snow [. . .] [p. 166] [. . .]

Pres [Margaret T.] Smoot read the fifth chapter of timothy the affects of apostasy read by E R Snow the secret of Oliver [H.] Olney <he> did not act on the principal of honesty Presided in his family and was intimately acquainted with him we should cultivate the principal of honesty in children when they are very young honesty is a great thing dishonesty will sooner or later develop its self and lead you from this church spoke of Joseph Smith holding on and assisting Oliver &c.1

Spoke of the improvement of the Sisters especialy the teachers it is a great thing to be a latterday saint and to stand in the favor of heaven it is worthy of all of our energy our enemies are bitterly opposed our corse [course] is [p. 167] onward never weary of well doing the sisters who are faithful in this organization will be trusted and will not be the loosers spoke of the great blessings in store for those who are faithful, was proud of the young sis who were stepping forward and making themselves useful, spoke of the position the sis were taking in the world spoke of the sufferage in Utah thought if it was allowed in the world it would make fearful havoc The onely way to evade this great curse is obedience to man

If we honor the ordance [ordinance] of th[e] priesthood our salvation will be great we can afford to be obedient and humble in this short life for the happiness is in the future remember we are laboring in a pure and holy state of existence do your work cheerfully and you will get the credit of it the time will come when our works will be laid on the altar and every one will have their rewa[r]d spoke of sister Jane [C. Sharp] faithfulness and her narrow escape from death pray God to help us honor him and his teachings learn to honor plurality and learn wisdom a wom [woman?] <that> is a lone wife in confidence with her husband never can inherit that blessing which is true ang [and] faithful and honor plurality we can affor[d] to be obedient and humble in this short life for the happiness in the future remember we are laboring in a state of hol[y] and pure existence we have every thing to hope for do your [p. 168] cheerfully. How pleasent it would be if we were in a society where we could speak our eve[r]y thoughts yet it would not be as well for us for we would be like children for we would confide in all and never learn to keep our counsels keep on bords [onboard] Zion Ship and we are shure of salvation. &c.

Sister Smoot wished to explain why the effects of apostacy was read found it was a great testimony to Br. [George Q.] Cannon remarks2 spoke of sis Elizas Snows Testimony &c. &c. [. . .] [p. 169]

Source Note

Twentieth Ward, Ensign Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1877), pp. 166–169, CHL (LR 9455 14); Eliza S. Dunford, Secretary.