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19 February 1870

Retrenchment Association; Fifteenth Ward Relief Society Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Women, men, and children stand in front of the two-story Fifteenth Ward Relief Society Hall

Salt Lake City Fifteenth Ward Relief Society Hall, dedicated August 1869. This photograph, date unknown, was published in 1893. (Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.)

[. . .] Miss E R Snow was elected president, and Mrs L [Lydia] D Alder Secretary.

[. . .]

Pres E R Snow arose and said

It is our duty to perform all that comes within the province of woman. There is a great diference of opinion in regard to her sphere, but retrenchment is certainly within her sphere, and as Pres [Brigham] Young has given our beloved Sister Horn [Mary Isabella Horne] the mission, to retrench the table in company and social gatherings I feel that we should all assist her, with heart and hand, it will save the sisters straining every nerve and also be a saving in means.1

Pres Young has preached against it for years and now sister Horn has stepped forward and formed a nucleus, the effects of which will reach to Eternity, and the sisters will follow in her footsteps. I have said enough the mark that has been made will be felt in future generations. [. . .]

Miss E R Snow arose and said stated that meetings had been held in some of the wards and requested the Sec’ys present to read the minutes of said meetings.

Mrs Precindia [Presendia] S Kimball sec’y of the 16th Ward read the minutes of the Retrenchment meeting held in that Ward. Minutes of the meeting in the 15 Ward read by Mrs S [Sarah] M. Kimball [p. 151] of the 20 by Mrs E. [Eliza] S Dunford, of the 7 Ward read by Mrs M A [Mary Alice] Lambert, of the 11 Ward read by Mrs Colum [Ann A. Coulam], of the 13th Ward read by Mrs E [Elizabeth H.] Goddard.

Miss E R Snow, said in explanation, these were only examples, that we should not be confined to any rotine, but set on our tables that which is wholesome and convenient, and would like to hear from any of the Sisters present in regard to the movement on the topic. [. . .]

Miss E R Snow

Arose and said to encourage the sisters on in good works she would read an account of our Indignation Meeting, as it appeared in the Sacrament[o] Union, which account she thought a very fair one, she also stated, that an expression of gratitude was due acting Gov’ [Governor Stephen] Mann for signing the Document of Woman suffrage in Utah, for, she said we could not have had the right without his sanction, said that other states had passed bills of this kind over the Gov’ head, but we could not do this.

The following named persons were elected by unanimous vote to be a Com’ [committee] for said purpose.

E R Snow, Bashaby [Bathsheba W.] Smith, S M Kimball M I [Margaret T.] Smoot H [Harriet] C Young, Z D [Zina D. H.] Young, Phoebe [W.] Woodruff M I Horn M A Hide [Mary Ann Hyde], Elizabeth [H.] Cannon, Rachel [R.] Grant, Amanda [B.] Smith [p. 152]

[. . .] [p. 153–155]

Pres E R Snow moved to add two more to the Committe. Passed.

Mrs Amelia [F.] Young and Mrs Pricinda Kimball were added by unanimous vote.

[. . .]

Pres E R Snow,

said there was another business item she wished to present to the meeting and motioned that sister B Smith be appointed the mission to preach retrenchment all through the South, and Woman’s rights—if she wished to. Passed. Sr Snow suggested that the sisters in the wards where they had not held retrenchment meetings to do so and set the example. Sister Horn has not stepped forward a day too soon the hearts of all are prepared for it. I wish you all to lead out that every good woman may join us if she will. [p. 156]

Source Note

Fifteenth Ward, Riverside Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1968), vol. 1 (1868–1873), pp. 151–156, CHL (LR 2848 14). (An introduction and annotations to these minutes are available on the First Fifty Years of Relief Society website,

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