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29 July 1868

Sugar House Relief Society; Alexander C. Pyper Residence, Sugar House, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Miss Eliza R Snow being present by invitation, arose and addressed the meeting as follows;

We have met in the capacity of a Female Relief Society, and I consider this a matter of great importance.

A society of this kind has always existed whenever the priesthood has been upon the earth, and the allusion of the Apostle to the elect lady as recorded in the new testament means the one who presided over such society in his day.

She said she had brought with her the original minutes of the society at Nawvoo, organized by the Prophet Joseph Smith from which she would read a few extracts. [n.p.]

Be not over zealous, but remember that the wants of those who are poor in spirit <are> to be deplored <more> than the wants of the body. The duties of the society are extinsive; our minds are liable to be led off, and it is nescessary that we meet together oft, and speak to one another, and stir up our minds to diligence.

This organization gives us an opportunity to meet legally.

It is not a mere plaything, but a sacred holy thing under the direction of your Bishop; yet do not run to him with every trifle.

Those called to be teachers ought to be filled with the Holy Ghost, that when they enter a house they will know by this spirit who in that house has the Holy Ghost and who has not.

Some may think this is an indifferent office, but this is a mistake. When you visit do not be too abrupt. [n.p.] Apply your words in a manner which will prove beneficial to those to whom you speak, and, if they have lost their first love, tell them of the joy and peace that dwells in the hearts of those who live up to their privileges, and in blessing others, you will be blessed.

We profess to be Saints! What a high and holy calling! We are looking forth to the time when we shall become heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. The garden of Eden was in Jackson County [Missouri] and when Adam & Eve were driven out they went north.

She said she had seen the altar on which Adam offered his first sacrifice where he blessed his children, with her natural eyes, and this is where we shall meet the Savior face to face.1

The celestial law must be kept by those who go there. [n.p.]

No one can go who does not keep the word of wisdom, or is in any way unprepared for the society of God and the holy angels.

These are not visionary ideas, but realities. There are many of the sisters whose labors are not known beyond their own dwellings and perhaps not appreciated even there yet what difference does that make? if your labours are acceptable to God, however simple the duties if faithfully performed, you should never be discouraged.

The duties of this society cannot be defined. Those who will not swerve from their duty, are to become Saviours upon Mount Zion.

God is looking down upon you the Angels are recording your secret acts, and while you are acting here you are not expected to neglect your family duties, but you will feel so much better, by attending to these [n.p.] things that you will gain time. If you are united you will have the blessing of God upon you.

Be careful to bring no reproach upon the society.

Our brethren are to be Kings: are we qualified for the position of Queens? let us pray daily and become more refined and womanly.

Bring up your children to be polite and refined.

This society gives us a chance to improve and qualify ourselves to fill important positions in society. President [Brigham] Young purposes to get up classes for the sisters similar to the “School of the prophets.[”]

Some Sisters will not move forward because they wish to go hand in hand with the world.

We should improve our talents for the time will come when every faithful [n.p.] man and woman will go forth like Adam and Eve.

This society should find work for the poor, take no impositions, but let those who are able sustain themselves.

If we are called to suffer affliction, God will sanctify it to our good; if we want to be superfine flour we must stand still and let the mill roll on; he can overrule all things for our good.

It is nescessary for us to taste affliction that we may learn to appreciate the blessings of God.

If we have not so much of his spirit as we ought to have, live for it.

The spirit of our religion brings peace. Improve your temporal affairs endeavour to make home happy, keep your children from vicious company, and while you study to dress them neatly, do not neglect to adorn their minds with good principles. [n.p.]

Source Note

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