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Circa 1855

Literary and Musical Assembly; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Psalm.— Written for the “Literary & Musical Assembly.”

We will chant the praises of the Lord God of Hosts—we will honor His name in our “Literary and Musical Assemblies.

His spirit is the soul of every entertainment—the interest of His kingdom, the prompter of all our efforts.

God, who inhabits eternity—who dwells in fulness of light—who speaks, and all the intelligences of the heavenly courts, give audience. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—He is the God of Joseph [Smith], Brigham [Young] and Heber [C. Kimball].

How blessed are all they that put their trust in Him—who delight in obeying the voice of HIs servants—who rejoice in the purity of His ordinances, and in the justice and equality of his statutes.

He sent the angel Moroni to declare to Joseph the introduction of the dispensation of the fulness of times—He sent Peter, James and John to commit unto him the keys <thereof.>

Through Joseph His servant, He established the principles of righteousness upon the earth, and laid the foundation for a Government of peace.

Though small in the beginning, and a theme of laughter and derision among the scribes and pharisees of modern times; it is truly a marvelous work and a wonder—it has already spread from nation to nation—it has become mighty, and is even a terror to the high ones of the earth.

It is gathering the honest in heart from every clime—they are flowing like the bold and steady current of a broad stream—they are coming up to Zion in multitudes—the spirit of God is in their hearts, and the strong cords of faith & obedience are drawing them together.

When those means, on which the gentiles lean for support, become insufficient for the great work of gathering the House of Israel; the wisdom of God, in the heart of him upon whom fell the mantle of Joseph, suggested measures to meet the circumstances and necessities of the times; and to the joy of the hearts of thousands, those measures have proved successful.

Glory, honor & adoration be unto the Lord our God, for what our eyes have seen, and our ears have heard.

Well may the nations of the earth tremble, for even this is a testimony and a warning that will leave them without excuse in the day of judgment. [n.p.]

The faithful sons and daughters of Abraham have surmounted the hardships and privations of a journey on foot, and with the newly invented Hand-Carts, they are flocking to the standard of Zion, which now waves on the tops of the mts. [mountains] of Ephraim.

They come not laden with the gold of Ophir—they come not decked with the glittering ornaments and splendid attire of worldly grandeur; but, through the tender mercies of Him who “tempers the storm to the shorn lamb,” they come richly supplied with the more requisite capital for strengthening the stakes of Zion, and for erecting the Temple of our God; even the brain, the bone and the sinew.

Let them not repine at the hand of adversity—let them not cease to rejoice in the kind providence through which they have made their escape from Babylon; and ere long they will be clothed in garments more beautiful than those of earthly princes, and the beauty thereof will be the work of our own hands.

Let us all take hold with our might to assist in rolling on the wheel of salvation, until Zion shall be established, and the Government of God be appreciated here, and respected by the nations afar off.

There is a furnace in Zion—the fire thereof has already commenced to burn, and the heat will continue to increase until iniquity shall be purged from our midst: The time has come when those who profess to be saints should arise and shake themselves from the dust; and be saints in very deed, and purify & sanctify themselves before the Lord.

Then will the treasures of the earth—the treasures of the deep, and the treasures of the heavens above, be poured out to the Saints of God, in great abundance.

Then will the beauty of Zion shine forth clear as the sun at noonday—she will arise terrible in might—the glory of God will fill her courts, and celestial beings will minister in her holy places.

1855. [n.p.]

Source Note

Eliza R. Snow, Journal (1842–1882), n.p., CHL (MS 1439).

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