June 1908

1 June 1908 • Monday


With Pres. Roberts we held meeting at Byron at 10 A.M. Pres. Roberts occupied 45 minutes and I followed for 50 minutes cleaned up a few points on tithing the Subject treated by Pres. Roberts but put in most of the time for 50 minutes on the Light which has come into the world through the Gospel. Joseph’s first vision. Pres. 254. Drove to Lovell where we attended meeting from 2 to 4 P.M. Left the meeting hurriedly to catch train. Pres Roberts and I & Pres Sessions occupied the time.

<Administered to a little boy>1

I spoke first and occupied about 35 minutes Subject Repentance Pres Roberts occupied about 60 min. [p. 223] We left Lovell at 4:15 P.M. for home. Arrived at Toluca at 10 P.M.

2 June 1908 • Tuesday


Left Toluca at 7:30 A.M. Arrived in Billings at 9 A.M. and put up at Northern Hotel. Remained there until 7:30 A.M. next day.

Pres B H Roberts & I attended the theatre & Saw Miss Robson in Aunt Mary at the Babcock.

3 June 1908 • Wednesday

Billings Mont.

Pres B. H. Roberts and I left Billings at 7:30 A.M. Transferred over washout, walking & carrying our luggage about a half mile. Long delay at Bozeman Reached Helena at about 10 P.M. Took rooms at the Grand Central Hotel. We came via. of Hel[e]na on account of a wash out between Logan and Butte. A tiresom[e] day in crowd<ed> chair car.

4 June 1908 • Thursday

Helena, Mont.

Pres. Roberts & I left Helena at 8:40 <A.M.> for Butte. At Basin 298 miles from Butte we caught up with last nights train which had been held up on account of a washout a couple of miles ahead. We lay there from about 11 A.M. until 10 A.M. <Friday> raining part of the time. I studied the Scriptures, Bough[t] at Billings “Wild Animals I have known” and read it through and [p. 214] read a couple of Magazines. My health good but this delay is annoying.

5 June 1908 • Friday

Basin, Mont.

Arrived here at 11 A.M. yesterday and were transferred over the wash and left for Butte about 10 A.M. Reached Butte at 1 P.M. Learned that trains from Billings had been running via. Logan Since Wed. Also learned that the O. S. L. passenger due to leave Butte at 2:30 A.M. this A.M. had not moved. Latest advices being that a bridge had gone out between here & Dillon and wires now all down. We secured our births and located in car. Wheater [Weather] Deep snow in Butte Spent the night in car.

6–7 June 1908

Butte. Mont.

Went up town with Pres Roberts. Bough[t] a couple of books and read one of them through. “Letters of a Self made merchant to his son.” also 2nd vol. same title. We left Butte at 5 P.M. and arrived in Salt Lake Sunday 12:30 P.M. noon. Oliver L Robinson boarded train at some point north of Pocatello and I had a good visit with him. My fife’s [wife’s] Brother. Folks all well. Geo & Edith arrived from Chicago Sat evening. last. [p. 225]

[end of tenth volume]