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February 1892

1 February 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather stormy in fornoon I made out Jan. Ranch Report, repaired yard fence &c. Attended a meeting of the County Rep. Central Committee in afternoon at Court House. [p. 239]

2 February 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I took Alice to the depot on her way to Farmington and with her, Nerva and Amy. Went to the Basin pature and saw the horses. Called on Martin at Terminus Issued bills to parties owing us.

3 February 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather foggy.

I took Alice to Depot attended to some business down town, attended a meeting of the High Priests and spoke. Studied Republican principles in the evening. Let Mrs. Heggie’s boys have Mrs. Nelsons calves at her request. Wrote to Paul Droubay Hauled dirt around Hydrant Had Isgren repairing it again. &c.

4 February 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I went to the Station to meet alice, Nerva and Amy but they did not come home. Took Sarah with me in the sleigh, good sleighing.

I attended Fast meeting and blessed Joseph Orme’s baby Spoke in meeting. Attended the [p. 240] funeral of one of Bro Louis Bowens great Grand children David Bowens grand child at B.L. Bowens. Took the children for a sleigh ride. At the funeral I occupied a part of the time of services speaking and at the Cemetery I offered the dedicatory prayr. Attended the Y.M.M.I.A. in the evening.

5 February 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant, snowed in afternoon. I decorated the Social Hall with bunting and flags for the Republican Rally. Went to the Station and got Alice and children on their way from home Town. Studied Politics. In the evening I took Alice, and Geo. & Legrand & baby to the Rally where being called to speak I occupied 50 min. the first effort ever made in a political direction and was complimented by many. Frequent applause. The best speech I ever made so far as oritory is concerned. Our meeting was a grand success.

[4 lines blank] [p. 241]

6 February 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I had Frank Barber greasing harness while I attended Stake Priesthood meeting, returned flags from Hall &c. Wrote letters, loaded a load of hay for Jno. Marsden. In the evening I attended a business meeting of the Republicans of this place. Clipped articles from the papers for Scrap book.

7 February 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather cloudy, few flakes of snow. Ward Conference at Tooele in afternoon and evening. I attended Sunday School and addressed the School. Judge Herman called on me between School & meeting time to request me to go to Grantsville in the interest of Republicism to make a political speech.

8 February 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant. <S.L.C., Provos,> Election day I grubbed hedge fence below Dunn’s lot.

In the evening I read the Enquirers and National Republicans and mad[e] clippings from them to paste in Scrap book. Wrote to Abram & others. [p. 242]

9 February 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I finished grubbing out the hedge below Dunns lot, studied the Bible and pasted clippings in scrap book in evening. J. James & B. Rowberry called on me.

10 February 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather thawing.

Six or eight inches of snow still on the ground. I took poles off the fence below Dunn’s lot and scattered them along where needed for new fence below Bowen’s lot. Received an appointment from the Co. Probate Court to act as agent for Farnham Warr of England to look after the proper division and distribution of the Estate of Moses Warr Deceased, Thomas S. Speirs signed my bond of $800. In the evening I went to the Store with Alice and wrote cards to Mother, Alice Ann and Seney. Studied the Bible in preparing a lecture for the Y.M.M.I. Association.

11 February 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather warm and thawing. I went down to the station and got a load of coal; cleaned out privy; moved wire [p. 243] from fence taken down to where new fence is to be built between our farm and B. L. B’s. In the evening I called on Bro. Geo. Craner and paid him a donation for Annie Lee as Choir Leeder $1.00 Attended Y.M.M.I. Ass. and did some writing. Received Jan. Statement from Zion’s Bank.

12 February 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I attended Miss Rowbery’s and Miss Marshall’s schools and attended to some business at the store and Court House. In the evening I attended a dance given by the Glee Clubb. Alice went but did not dance.

13 February 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather fine and foggy, warm and cold, alternating as often as the fog would breakaway and come again. I took a young Man Named Howe from Heber City on the recommend of Jno. Mercer to board and lodge until he could get work and wages. I went with team and got a sack of sugar and a 28½ lb. cheese from the Store and hauled sand the remainder of the day making paths. In the evening I attended [p. 244] a Democratic Rally in the evening, Local Speakers.

14 February 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I took my team and buggy and went to Clover. Prest. Gowans rode with me. I put up with Bp. St. Jeor. We attended Ward Conference and called at Jordan’s and administered to his wife. Returned at about 8 P.M. Roads heavy and team tired.

15 February 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I hauled a load of hay into Vicks stable. cleaned out mangers to yards and put cross pieced on manger to prevent the cattle from rooting the hay out. Attended a sunday school meeting in the evening addressed by Prest Sperry of the Juab Stake and one Bro. Tobiason.

16 February 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I went by train to Salt Lake. Took Nerva to the Doctor for treatment of the ear. Did some business at the bank and at other places Spent the night at Stephens in Sugar. [p. 245]

17 February 1892 • Wednesday

Salt Lake Tooele Weather pleasant.

I went up Town with Stephen. Attended to some business there and returned to to Stephen’s in Sugar House Ward where I spent the night.

18 February 1892 • Thursday

Salt Lake City Weather foggy.

I left Stephen’s at 6:45 A.M. and came home on the morning train. Was met by Mr. Howe who had an Epileptic fit soon after my return home. Tried to find a place for Mr. Howe to work but failed and sent him by train to Salt Lake City. I attended the Y.M.M. and spoke upon Bible History.

19 February 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine.

I sold hay to several parties and shaved and bathed and went to Grantsville and addressed a Republican meeting and went from there to Wooleys to a sociable and from there Alice Legrand Robinson who came there with Abostle [Apostle] Taylor returned to Grantsville with me and we staid all night at Prest. Anderson’s. [p. 246]

20 February 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Grantsville Weather pleasant.

After breakfast Legrand and I came to Tooele I wrote up Legrand for a $2500. policy. Attended a Republican meeting in the evening. and wrote up my Journal in the evening.

21 February 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasanet.

I attended Sunday School and Sunday school review in afternoon and evening. Legrand Robinson accompanied me in the forenoon and afternoon. Had Bro. Sperry from Juab Stake and Bro. Tobiason from Salt Lake to Supper with us. Sat up late visiting with Legrand. <Legrand assured his life for $2500. through me>

22 February 1892 • Monday

Washington’s Birth-day

Tooele Weather pleasant. I sold hay to Thos. Delamar; took Leg. for a ride around Town; attended a meeting of the Board of School Trustees. In the evening I attended a meeting of the Ward Teachers in the Vestry and was privileged to speak which I did with more than ordinary freedom and spirit. Legrand Robinson [p. 247] who accompanied me to meeting also spoke and well. Sat up late visiting.

23 February 1892 • Tuesday

My 31st Birthday.

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I sold and pitched five loads of hay. did some writing and in the evening attended a Trustees Meeting. Legrand went to Salt Lake on the cars.

24 February 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I sold three loads of hay to Geo. Coleman Jr. and one load to Thos. Horman. Attended to some business at the Court House. Did some business at the Store and did some writing of accounts. In the evening I wrote letters to Utah Enquirer, Stayner Bros., Sister Aseneth. Arranged papers in my desk &c. Sat up until Eleven P.M. All are well. I visited Miss Rowberries School and talked to the children about obscene writing and destroying property. Engaged Miss Hilla Rowberry’s Sister through Hilla to teach the chart grade.— [p. 248]

25 February 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant most of the day. Snowed a little towards evening. I sold hay to Jos. Henson, Nels. Johnson and T. Gallaher raked up the yards, dug up posts below Dunn’s lot. Measured off land with B. L. Bowen to determine where the partition fence between his land and ours should be. In the evening I attended the Mutual. Good attendance Horace Woolley and Orson Johnson were present as missionaries from Grantsville.

26 February 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather fine.

I dug post holes and set posts along the line between BL Bowen’s lot and our field, nineteen rods, and put more than half of the poles on. Had invitations to attend the Teacher’s party of Grantsville, the Young Ladies party of Tooele and the Rep. Drum Corpse party of Provo, all for this evening but could attend neither as Estella was away to the party and Alice could not leave and I did not care to go without her. In the evening [p. 249] I put a bottom on my congress chair and read the paper Des. News. Wrote in Journal &c. Wrote a lengthy letter to my Bro. Fred.

27 February 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I completed the fence between Bowen’s & our fields and burned the hedge grubbings In the evening I attended to some business at the store and wrote a letter to Abram. Shaved &c. Took Alice and the three girls for a ride towards evening.

28 February 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather very pleasant. I took Georgie with me in the buggy to Lake View where we met Prest Gowans and Bro. Chas. L. Anderson. Attended School and Ward Conference. House well filled. I addressed both School and meeting with Spirit and freedom. Took dinner with Bp. Jno Shields & family. After meeting went down to Sister Howell’s and assisted in administering to her and Sister Henson. I anointed her in both [p. 250] instances. Came home. Did the chores & read from Sun Shine to the children in the evening. Retired at 9:30 P.M. Sarah got my Gold pen out and bent it out of shape

29 February 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather fine.

I arranged with the other Trustees to commence the primary grade of school next morning. Employed Isgren to clean out the Dunyon house; employed H. S. Gowans to Ca[n]vass for purchasers of School bonds; employed Milllie Atkin to teach the primary school.

Made out February report and in the evening I attended a meeting of the Water owners of the Tooele Irrigation Dist. where I was appointed one of five to revise the Bylaws of the Co. An additional tax of 20¢ per acre was assessed making a tax of 55¢ per acre for 1892. After meeting I read several articles from the Juvenile and retired at 11 P.M. All usually well except Legrand who has sore throat but not serious. [p. 251]

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