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September 1897

1 September 1897 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather cool.

I traded wagons with Alfred Bell & sold him Nervas large horses May & Ray for. $50.00 attended to Sund. business and did some writing. Mailed papers & letter to Mother. Went hunting upon bench with <Hyrum Lee. Killed two chicks out of 3 shots.>

2 September 1897 • Thursday

Tooele Weather cool & threatening Storm. I took May & Ray horses down to Alfred Bell of E.T., He having bought them. Took guns Hyrum Lee accompanying me & hunted for rabbits but got none. After dinner went up on bench but got no game. Estella Was taken sick in afternoon at our house & went home in early evening.

3 September 1897 • Friday

Tooele Weather windy during the Night Estellas baby was born at about 2:30 A.M. I worked about home, The boys worked on farm.

4 September 1897 • Saturday

I took my team & Bro. Gowans accompanied me to Grantsville where we attended Stake Priesthood meeting. [p. 185] We organized a stake Beaureu of Information consisting of nine members Myself chosen to represent Tooele. Put up horses at Bp. Wrathalls and took dinner at Bro C. L. Anderson’s.

On my return home went to view school lands & in the evening wrote to Land Commissioners an application to purchase or lease the North half of Sec 16. Went with Marien Lyman Jr. & Administered to Darwin Dunyons 12 yr old girl.

<Our Daughter Sarah Ellen was baptized by Alonzo Gowans to-day.>1

5 September 1897 • Sunday

Tooele Weather dry

I attended School & Dr. Stephen came immediately after school. Gill & Russell accompanied him. I attended Meeting & Fasted. Offered the Closing prayr.

Attended Prayr Circle & blessed the oil.

<I Confirmed Sarah in Meeting & Blessed one of John Marsdens Grand Children.>2

6 September 1897 • Monday

Tooele Weather dry & windy.

Took Dr Stephen for a ride over to my field. He left for home after dinner. I released Bowden mortgage & filed deed for record. Went over to Bowdens & got Lease signed & filed with Prest. Gowans. Alice continues to improve Estella also is getting on nicely. [p. 186]

7 September 1897 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy & dry.

I hauled 94 bu. of smutty wheat to Mill. also got 23½ bu. from Gollaher’s & took it & about as much more from granary to Mill to make up 100 bu. sold to McBride. Took wagon to Shop & fixed up box.

8 September 1897 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather windy & dry.

I put header boxes in place to Shelter header & wired them up & covered them with straw. Hauled up a load of dirt & wheat from threshing floor for pigs.

9 September 1897 • Thursday

Weather dry & windy

I fixed up straw stacks & vitroled 12 bu. of wheat & commenced drilling in middle of afternoon on the South 40 of Bowen Meacham piece. Drilled three acres. Boys leveled.

10 September 1897 • Friday

Weather windy

I continued drilling wheat and drilled 8½ acres. Boys leveled to a finish.

11 September 1897 • Saturday

Weather Windy & dry.

I continued drilling and finished the Bowen land 17 acres in Middle of afternoon & moved up on bench & drilled three acres. The boys hoed weeds out of Bowen land [p. 187]

12 September 1897 • Sunday

Tooele Weather dry & windy. Y.M.M.I. Con. at Grantsville.

I remained home all day. Recorded blessings, read papers &c.

13 September 1897 • Monday

Boys hauled Corn

I drilled wheat on bench all day.

14 September 1897 • Tuesday

I drilled wheat all day. The boys hauled Corn.

15 September 1897 • Wednesday

The boys hauled corn to a finish & I drilled wheat on the bench. Mariar Clark and Mina Robinson came by train. George met them at Depot.

16 September 1897 • Thursday

Weather dry.

I drilled on bench farm, 10 acres. Legrand watered & weeded in lot & Geo. & Joel hoed weeds on bench farm. I went up and saw Estella in the evening.

17 September 1897 • Friday

I finished drilling on bench. 64 acres drilled. The boys hoed weeds, cleaned out Cistern &c.

18 September 1897 • Saturday

Geo. & I went to Canyon & got a large load of Maple wood. The boys Joel & Leg. took Mariar Clark & Mina Robinson to the Station.

19 September 1897 • Sunday

Accompanied Prest Gowans to Grantsville where we attended S.S. [p. 188] S. Con. I offered the benediction to Morning service Took dinner with Bro. <C. L.> Anderson. Spent the evening at home & retired early.

20 September 1897 • Monday

My Boy George & I went to the Canyon and got a load of wood.

21 September 1897 • Tuesday

George & I went to Canyon and got a load of wood.

22 September 1897 • Wednesday

Geo. & I went to Canyon and got a load of wood.

23 September 1897 • Thursday

Geo & I went to Canyon & got load of logs & took to Saw mill.

24 September 1897 • Friday

Went to Canyon for wood. Estella Came down & She & Hyrum Slept here. I attended Social Hall Committee meeting in the evening and after meeting accompanied Jos Orme over to Jos Rowberries and administered to his wife.

25 September 1897 • Saturday

Answered Seney’s letter which informed me of Mother’s ill health.

I went to Canyon & got load of wood.

26 September 1897 • Sunday

Tooele Weather dry & warm.

I attended School & meeting at Lake View and Spoke with freedom at both. Took dinner with Bp. Shields and after meeting pronounced a patriarchal blessing upon Franklin Whitehouse

27 September 1897 • Monday

Attended to Sund. business. Received letter from Sister Nerva at Nephi saying [p. 189] Mother’s condition was worse & advising me to go down. I answered that I would go to-morrow. Alice not quite so well.

28 September 1897 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy & threatening.

I attended to Several items of business and in afternoon started for Nephi by train. Called on Dr Stephen in Salt Lake & left for Nephi at 6 P.M. Arrived at Nephi at 9:15 P.M. found Mother easy and conversant. I administered to her and she had a good night’s rest.

29 September 1897 • Wednesday

Nephi Weather threatening.

I visited with Mother, Seney & Nerva all day. Mother’s Condition continues to improve.

30 September 1897 • Thursday

Nephi Weather clowdy & cool. I spent the day with Mother until 3:30 P.M. when I left for Salt Lake one [on] my way home leaving Mother in good spirits & in health progressing. Bought a shot gun at Browning Bros. Went down to Stephens on 7 P.M. Car & staid all night. Called on Willard & family. Their little girl Annie is sick with what threatens to be Tyhhoid [typhoid].

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