The Church Historian's Press

September 1908

1 September 1908 • Tuesday

Home. Pleasant weather.

As per appointment, I met Bro. Geo. Lyman Stookey & wife at the temple at 8:45 A.M. and assisted them with their record. Attended the temple meeting at 9 A.M. and occupied twelve minutes with freedom instructing the workers &c. Points treated are as follows.

1. The Gospel and its ordinances are for the dead as well as for the living. It is the law by which both are judged. Without the Gospel law there can be neither condemnation nor salvation. Thousands of Elders have gone to teach the Gospel to the dead. We remain to [p. 94] attend to the ordinances for them. If we do not our duty we are under condemnation. If we do our duty by them and they reject what we do they will be under condemnation. 999 out of every thousand will receive it. W. W. Woodruff in Gen Confe[re]nce Since they can not be saved without the Gospel ordinances and can only receive these ordinances through us, we become the sons of Saviors of men by attending to same for them. As Christ did for men dead & living what they could not do for them selves so we do for the dead what they can not do for them selves. As what God Jesus did profits people only as they accept it so what we do for the dead profits them only as they accept of same. Hence we can not force any ordinance upon the dead.

I spoke of baptisms for health and necessary faith and frame of mind to receive the blessings.

Advised the workers (Sisters) to see to it that no woman be admitted to the fount improperly dressed. After the health baptisms I was mouth in administering to Bro. & Sister Lyman Stookey and two or three others. They seemed to be [p. 95] grateful for my presence and services. While waiting I was engaged in conversation with one Bro. Geo. G. Campbell from Scotland known to David O McKay in Scotland. He said that on the 5th day of April 1907 while I was talking in the Conference he for a moment lost consciousness and during the time saw an angel come out from where I was standing and move back over the benches to the Organ and he had on the temple robe & cap. When he regained consciousness I was still speaking.

Before leaving the temple I referred to Marriage Ceremony. Sealings <&c.>

Called at George’s office and while there wrote letter to Bro. Fred.

Geo. Joel & I returned home on same car. I spent the afternoon studying.

2 September 1908 • Wednesday


I attended Council meeting in the temple from 10 A.M. to 1:30

At this meeting I was appointed with Elder Rudger Clawson a committee to obtain information from Malad & Box Elder Stakes having in view the dividing of the Malad [p. 96] Stake.

1. Where the State line cuts the Malad Stake in two from East to West

2. Will the State line be suitable division for convenience and for population?

3. How many wards above the line?

4. How many wards below the line?

5. What wards from Box Elder Stake could be annexed and what population would they add?

6. Would the people of these wards be willing to be annexed?

7. Would division necessitate new stake house?

8. What population would remain in Box Elder Stake.

9. How many wards in each of the three stakes also population.

10. Could both stakes be well manned with officers?

11. Advantages & disadvantages of division

12. How will all parties feel about it?

13. Suitable name for Stake.

I attended a meeting of the General Board of Religion class workers from 4 to 5 and from 6:20 attended prayr circle in the temple 17 present. Between the meetings I worked on statistics also in the evening at home.

Weather pleasant.

Folks all well. [p. 97]

3 September 1908 • Thursday


Weather pleasant. Folks well.

My mother is staying with us.

I commenced the reading of “The Making of a State” A school history of Utah by Orson F. Whitney and read 250 pages.

4 September 1908 • Friday


Warm weather, Folks well.

I spent the forenoon reading “A School History of Utah[”] by O. F. Whitney commenced yesterday and finished at 1 P.M. to-day. Did some writing and studying and made preparations to leave on 4 P.M. train for Preston to attend Oneida Stake Conference with Elder John Henry Smith.

Later. Left Salt Lake on O.S.L. 4 PM. train for Oneida with Elder John H. Smith. We arrived at Oneida at 8:40 and were met at Station by Pres. Geo. C. Parkinson and we went to his home to Stay and were nicely cared for.

5 September 1908 • Saturday

Oneida, Idaho.

I had a good night’s rest and arose about 7:30 A.M. and studied the scriptures until meeting time. At 10 A.M. meeting there were present 265. [p. 98] Pres. Parkinson occupied about 30 minutes followed by Elders Cuttler and [blank]. I followed answering the question by Elder Cutler who treated the first principles. Why was blood atonement necessary? I read the 2nd Chapter of 2nd Nephi and 9th from 25 to 28 Read P of GP. p. 19. Adam was commanded to offer sacrifice. He did so. When asked by the Angel why he did so said he knew not save God had commanded it. God did not say why the atonement was necessary. Neither did the Angel. It was sufficient for Adam to know that God willed it so. So it was with Abraham when asked to offer his son Isaac. So we might ask many questions yet unanswered such as

1. Why was blood atonement necessary.

2. Why God being no respector of persons can not men to-day see God as of <old?>

3. Why was baptism necessary.

4. Why was Naaman healed through bathing in Jordan 7 times. &c.

I had good liberty and received compliments of Bro. J. H. S. the Lord be praised.

<446 in attendance>

At 2 PM meeting Elders Geddes, Spongberg & J H Smith were the [p. 99] speakers. weather warm.

I met Cousin Geo. Wilcox & family. Was interviewed by one Bro Shafer after meeting.

A sister [blank] called on us at Pres. Parkingsons who had left her husband thirteen years ago & who now lives in Diaz Mexico and whom she claims owes her $845.00

In the evening I attended a social gathering at the new home of Walter Monsons where his home was dedicated. I offered the opening prayr and Elder J H Smith offered the dedicatory prayr. Songs & speeches and ice cream, cake & bananas were the order menue.

We got home about 11 P.M. I was mouth at prayrs at Pres Parkinson’s home.

6 September 1908 • Sunday


A beautiful day, my health and Spirits in good tune and am fasting. Attended 10 AM meeting in the Amusement hall present 1035 Several recently returned missionar[ie]s and Elder John Henry Smith were the speakers. Attended a meeting with the Mutual Improvement officers and at 2 P.M. I attended Conference Present. 1221. [p. 100] I was the first speaker and occupied 45 minutes. Subject. Prophecy and Restoration of the Gospel by an angel. Read Rev. 14:6, 7 analized same & showed cost to L.D.S. to maintain the claim that the visitation of Moroni and delivery of the plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated was a fulfillment of the prophecy of Jn. Elder John Henry Smith took the remainder of the time after a musical selection.

At the 10 A.M. meeting the sacrament was administered and by request of Bro. J H Smith I presented the Gen’l Authorities and the Stake Presidency after which Pres. Geo. C. Parkinson presented the remaining Stake officers. Pres. Parkenson had expected an opposition vote on his name but they did not materialize.

After the afternoon meeting we set apart a number of officers. By request of Elder J. H. Smith I instruct<ed> the High Council men, told them what we expect of them & asked it [if] they could not subscribe to the conditions they might Say so. All were agreed to Same.

I was mouth in setting apart the following named persons

Ferrentto T. Mecham Stake organist [p. 101] for Y.L.M.I.A.

Jos. G. Nelson High Counselor

Jas. G. Smith member and chairman of Stake Missionary Committee.

Other officers were set apart by the other brethren.

Elder J H Smith, the Presidency of the stake & others & myself took dinner with Pres. Geddes & family. After dinner which we ate about 6 P.M. Elders Smith Parkinson & I went to [t]he home of Bp. Condie and administered to him, who was sick with throat trouble. I anointed & Elder Smith sealed the anointing.

Attended Conjoint meeting in the evening. Elder Ence delivered a lecture upon the life of Paul. Sister Thomas made a good talk. I occupied about 30 minutes. Drew out two points in experiences of Paul and spoke upon Bible reading & reading of church works 1st as a means of establishing faith 2nd that we may be able to defend & advocate the faith. Prove our armor while we have oppertunity. Elder Smith occupied about the same time. Current Events were interesting. While at Preston we staid with Pres Parkinson. Had good welcome & good care. [p. 102]

7 September 1908 • Monday

<Preston> Oneida.

Elder John Henry Smith and I left Preston on 7 AM train and arrived in Salt Lake at 11:45 A.M. Weather very warm. It was a warm night last night and I took some cold. This night it rained considerably. I spent the afternoon writeing up journal, records &c. and reading &c. In the evening we had to see us by invitation Ina Jane Ashton LeGrands spark and Winnie Richards my Niece, LeGrand & Joel being at home. We had ice cream & cake &c. I retired to bed earley with headache, effects of cold.

8 September 1908 • Tuesday


I spent the forenoon at home Bro. C. R. McBride of the Tooele Stake Presidency called on me. Told me of the call of Pres. C. A. Orme to Australia to look after that mission as its Presidency. I had known nothing of his call until to-day.

Geo. L. Tate my son-in-law came in with my son George on the early A.M. train from Tooele seeking employment. I gave him a letter to Jos. L. Wells Gen’l Mgr. U.L. & Ry. Co.

I went with Sarah and Ruby to Register at L.D.S. U. and at the [p. 103] annex of the temple assisted in setting apart and instructing Elders for missions. I offered the opening prayr, Set apart three missionaries and instructed the Elders. Called at the President’s office and thence home. Did some writing &c. Following is list of missionaries I set apart.

James A. Giles S.L.C to Western States.

Milan J. Tilburg E Jordan. Southern States

Richard D. Peters Perry, Box Elder Co. Central "1

There were thirteen or more set apart. Elder John Henry Smith and Elder A. W. Ivins had one company and Pres. S. B. Young & I the other.

I contracted a cold while at Preston and to-day am nearly sick enough to go to bed so at about 8:30 I went to bed after treatment and a bath. Had a mustard poltice put on my chest and other treatment.

I sweat most of the night and had fair sleep & rest but my cold had only developed into another stage.

9 September 1908 • Wednesday2

I arose about 7 A.M. and trimmed my beard and otherwise made ready for meeting.

I called and had a brief visit with my mother on the way to meeting. I was in Council meeting from 10 AM. until about 3 P.M. and [p. 104] received the appointment to Bear Lake Stake next week with Elder Hyrum M. Smith.

I should have attended a meeting of the Religion Class General Board at 4 P.M. but was so illy disposed physically that I remained home and lay down an hour or more after which I felt some better. As I lay on my bed I had some thoughts such as I never before had viz. When one is sick he realizes more than at any other time except perhapse at funerals of loved ones how narrow is the space between life and the hereafter and the necessity for our doing all in our power while here and in life and health to strength<en> the bridge and to mak[e] our passing pleasant and without dread. This, it is within my power to do, with the Lords help who is always willing to aid us when we take the initiative.

I attended my circle meeting in the temple at which the attendance was 21. Before the Circle meeting I visited Bro. Hamilton G. Park who had only been in attendance I think once since the change of time of meeting [p. 105] from Sunday 1 P.M. until Wednesday evenings some thing more than a year ago. He had tendered to me his resignation some months ago assigning as the reason for so doing, that he was not able to attend at the time we now meet. I had not presented the resignation hoping that his circumstances might be changed so as to be possible for him to attend. This day Bro Park said he could see no prospect of a favorable change in his circumstances and said he would appreciate a release with a statement upon the Record of why he had been so much absent saying that if at any time future he should be able to attend the Circle and desired to do so, he would like the privilege of so doing which I assured him he should have said privilege.

At the Circle 21 present I presented the matter of Bro Parks resignation to the meeting on motion of Bro Morgan he was unanimously released. After Circle I went with [p. 106] my sons Geo. F. Joel and Geo. L. Tate to the fair grounds to See the Buffaloo Bill show but we were unable to obtain tickets as there was not sufficient tent roon [room] so we lost an hour or more of time & Car fares. LeGrand and his Spark also got shut out as did many others.

My cold about as in the morning. Alice & Lucena attended the Theatre Salt Lake Troupe. I retired early after taking treatment and had fair rest but not much improved. Others fairly well.

10 September 1908 • Thursday

At home.

I arose from bed about 7:30 treated myself for my cold which has developed into a cough.

I remained home all day and did considerable studying and writing. At night I got to feeling more indisposed. I had my son Joel & Geo. Lawrance Tate Administer to me. My fever was up to 1020. I took foot bath, quinine 4 grains and had an intense sweat and felt some better. Coughed considerable during the night.

Others well. Weather warm. Light rain in evening. [p. 107]

11 September 1908 • Friday


No better of my cold and sickness than yesterday.

I arranged for one of the First Council of Seventies to accompany Elder Hyrum M. Smith to Bear Lake Stake in my stead.

I arose in the morning about 7:30 for breakfast. Sat around & read some and then lay on the bed for about three hours having just applied a new Mustard plaster to my chest. Abstained from eating from breakfast to Supper and otherwise treated myself. Studied, read & wrote while up. I coughed a great deal during the night.

At a party held at Edward S Ashtons this night at which Legrand Joel & Sarah were present LeGrand and Bro Ashton’s daughter Ina Jane made formal announcement of their engagement which fact has been known to me for some time.

12 September 1908 • Saturday


My cough continues troublesome. I remained in doors all day Studying Church History.

Other folks fairly well. Weather pleasant [p. 108]

13 September 1908 • Sunday

At Home nursing a cold but for which I would have been in Paris at this time attending the Bear Lake Stake conference with Elder Hyrum M Smith. As it is I am making a study of Church history while caring for my physical health.

Mama attended Sunday School with the children except the two youngest who remained home with me. I wrote a four paged letter to my sister Nerva.

In the evening I walked down & saw my Mother. Alice and my son Geo. accompanied me.

14 September 1908 • Monday


Weather delightful. My health somewhat improved I believe. I remained home all day studying Church History.

I proposed to my son LeGrand to assist him to purchase from Claud Richards one of the lots he has for sale on S & 3rd St. if he would like to build & live there. The lot next to the corner could be had for $875. + Sewer & sidewalk tax $50. I proposed that if he put up $500. available I would pay balance. [p. 109]

15 September 1908 • Tuesday


On my invitation by letter written Sunday, my sister Nerva Came down from Farmington for a visit with me. I went over and got Mother and brought her over by St Car and towards evening Asenath came over & we had a pleasant visit, Mother and Asenath remaining to Supper and until about 9 P.M. Alice and I accompanied them home. My cough is but little better. I feel better otherwise.

A letter received this day from my brother Fred.

Pres. Francis M. Lyman called in and saw me and related some of his experiences on his recent visit to Panguitch and Kanab.

16 September 1908 • Wednesday


I arose early, blacked shoes, trimmed my beard & otherwise made ready for meetings, read paper, wrote up journal &c.

Attended committee meeting at Pres. Office at 9:30 A.M. with Elder Rudger Clawson to consider data from Box Elder & Malad Stakes with a view to dividing the latter and annexing several wards from [p. 110] forme[r], we having been appointed as such committee.

I attended regular council meeting of the First Presidency and the Twelve at the temple from 10 until 2 o’clock. At this meeting I was appointed to the Fremont Stake Conference for the following Saturday and Sunday where the question of dividing the Stake is to be considered i.e. looked into and report be made to the Council next week.

At this meeting a letter was read from the First Council of Seventies recommending that in ordaining Seventies they be permitted to deviate from former instructions and let the Presidents of local quorums to not only lay on their hands but partisipate in the ordaining and that in cases where the First council members can not be in attendance or the individual to be ordained the Presidents of the Council of Seventies, Local, may be instructed to do so i.e. ordain such first oppertunity. The expression of the Council was that the Seventies Should be ordained by the First council or the Twelve as far as possible but Presidents of Local quorums may ordain in emergency [p. 111] cases when so instructed.

The question of necessity for ordaining Presidents of Seventies considered and decided that it is not necessary to ordain a President of Seventy. It is sufficient to Set him apart.

At 4 P.M. I attended a meeting of the General Board of Religion classes.

At 6:20 Attended Circle meeting at which Bp. Boud of 15th offered his resignation as a circle member, not being able to attend the meetings which resignation was accepted. There were eighteen besides Bro Boud in attendance.

I wrote leters to Prests Ellsworth and Nephi Pratt.

I met at the President’s office one Dr. Charles B. Morrell <of Chicago>. Was introduced by Dr Fred Clawson. I conversed briefly with him and presented to him a Copy of the Book of Mormon a copy each of the Voice of warning and Cowleys Talks.

My health not much improved

17 September 1908 • Thursday


I made one trip down town to attend a missionary meeting and another in the evening to attend theatre Y.M. & Y.L. Mutual [p. 112] benefit in which three of our girls took part.

At the missionary meeting I was mouth in Setting apart the following

Carl H L Jenson of S.L.C to Scandinavia

Frederick A. H. Rohlfing " "3 Switzerland & Germany

Heber Bennion Jr. " " "4

Loren R. Dunkley Whitney Ida. to Turkey

I also gave instructions to the Elders. My health not much improved.

18 September 1908 • Friday5

Later I called on the doctor and had him examine my lungs & found that only my bronchial tubes were effected. Obtained prescription and got medicine.

Later left home on O.S.L. 6:50 P.M. train for St Anthony & Parker where the Fremont Stake Conference was to be held arriving at St. Anthony at 4 A.M. where I was met by Bp. Daniel G. Miller of Parker and was taken to his home. Went to bed and got two hours more sleep.

19 September 1908 • Saturday

Parker Idaho.

I attended Stake Conference meeting in the Parker meeting house Slim attendance probably 150. The speakers were in order as follows. Pres. Basset, Bp. Dalby of Rexburg, Bp. Miller of Parker, O. L. R. Supt. Religion Classes and myself [p. 113] I occupied about 40 minutes Subject. Luke 14: Count the Cost & then live by the undertaking. We should have known before embracing the Gospel that sacrifice would be required and we should have made up our minds to render the needed sacrifice though it be of life itself. Re[a]d page 15 P. of G. P. Jesus Said Thy will be done. We then said the Same. He was true to that principle there and in mortality. We were true to the same principle there but are woefully wanting here.

I went to dinner with my brother-in-law O L Robinson and staid there during the night.

At 2 P.M. meeting held in the social hall Pres. Seymour B. Young was present. The speakers were as follows. Bro. Austin of the Stake Presidency, two Presidents of Seventies Judson Stoddard & one other S. B. Young and myself. I took about 20 minutes remaining time addressing my remarks mainly to the Seventies and Presidents of Seventies reminding them of the demand for missionaries abroad and the few Seventies in the field 70% of all missionaries [p. 114] being Elders. Also admonished Presidents that they labor with delinquent members washing your hand of all responsibility in connection therewith.

At conclusion of the meeting Pres. Young and I met with the Stake Presidency and considered the matter of dividing the Stake the Stake Presidency having written the First Presidency proposing a division and having had answer that the visiting brethren would investigate and report their findings.

Bro Arnold Miller took his team and Henry Miller O. L. Robinson & I went with him over the country for an hour or more to see the Country returning after dark.

20 September 1908 • Sunday


I had good rest & sleep last night coughed but little and am feeling pretty well this morning My cough & cold about as yesterday Staid with LeGrand Robinson.

Weather Cloudy & Cool.

I attended 10 A.M. meeting in Social Hall present 239. Sacrament administered. Speakers were Bro Heath of Stake Presidency, Pres Riggs of Teton Stake Elder Peterson a recently returned missionary [p. 115] and Pres. Seymour B. Young

Attended a meeting of the Bishops at Noon. At afternoon meeting an overflow meeting was held in the Meeting house presided over by Pres Heath. Authorities presented & sustained at each meeting. Pres Seymour B Young spoke first and then went over to the overflow meeting. I followed for 45 minutes Subject. Faith in God and glorifying the Father. Good freedom and good satisfaction the Lord be praised. Pres. Basset concluded with a 15 minute talk.

At 4 P.M. Attended a meeting of the Seventies and addressed them. Subject filling up quorums.

I also met the Presidency of the Stake and answered some questions.

Went with Arnold Miller & wife to Supper. Attended Conjoint meeting in the evening and occupied about 40 minutes Subject. 1. increase usefulness of organization by bringing in & enrolling new members and doing individual mission work. Preparation for mission work. Study the Scriptures. Story of David & Golia[t]h. Pres Young followed for 30 minutes vaccenation &c subject. [p. 116]

21 September 1908 • Monday

Parker Ida.

<For ordinations see record of ordinations.>6

Am feeling about as usual. My cough and cold not much improved. Had good night’s rest & sleep.

Left Parker with Bp D G Miller & O.L.R. for Salem where I attended a special Public meeting Population 735 Present 193. The Speakers were in order as fol. Pres. Thos. E. Bassett, Mark Austin G. F. R. and S. B Young. Bp. B R Harris offering a few closing remarks.

I occupied 30 minutes, Commended the people for their accomplishments and faithfulness in building such a beautiful meeting house, in that there are no non tithe payers in the ward, Twenty Adults baptized in last three years, proper set of church works on stand, good choir &c.

We are in a school preparing to make greater Sacrifices than are required at this time. We should not only not be on the non tithe payers list but we should be full tithe payers and Not be as Ananias & Sapphira. Paying tithing honestly prepares us for united Order & Consecration & Oneness without which there is no Salvation. “Except ye are one ye are not mine”’

Went to dinner at Bp Harrises and there administered to One Sister Olsen seven years afflicted with [p. 117] shattered nerves also to one Father Anderson if I mistake not the name. Elder S B Young Anointed Sister Olson and I confirmed the Anointing.

We drove to Rexburg Second Ward and held meeting. Population 700 Attendance about 130 not actual count. Speakers as follows. Bp. James M. Cook, Albert Heath, S. B. Young & G. F. R. I occupied about 40 minutes. Took for my text the first four lines of the Hymn “W[e] thank thee O God for a Prophet.” making two subjects of it Sustain and follow the Priesthood second. How the Gospel has lightened our minds. Read fate of the Sinner & what his glory would be D&C 76:89 also 1 Pe. 3:18. Showing the liberality of the Gospel or of the Lord. Contrast it with Secterian beliefs quoted from Larger chatechism Art 19.

<At Rexberg 9/21/08 I ordained Charles Richard Thomasson a Bishop and set him apart to preside over the Independence ward. Set apart Thoms Robert Forsyth 1st Counselor & Chas Anderson H Priest & 2nd Counselor.>7

I took Supper with my Brother in law O. L. Robinson First family and rode with Oliver to Sugar City where we held public meeting. The new and beautiful meeting house was over taxed for seating capacity Chairs were brought in and the isles used. Speakers as fols. Bp. Alfred Ricks 10 min Pres. Bassett, G. F. R. & S. B. Y

I occupied 40 minutes with freedom, deliberation and feeling [p. 118] Took for my text the Hymn last sung “An angel from on high” or restoration of the Gospel by an angel.

Pres. S. B. Young occupied 55 minutes running over the time 25 minute.

After meeting we took train at 10:45 for home arriving in Salt Lake at 8:45 7:45 A.M.

<At Sugar 9/21/08 Ordained James Blake an High Priest and set him apart an High Counselor.

Set apart Franz Salzner President <of 148 quorum> of Seventies.>8

22 September 1908 • Tuesday


I reached Salt Lake from Fremont at 7:45 A.M.

I found my folks usually well. I wrote up my record, attended to correspondence &c. Spent some time with Pres. Lyman, called on my mother &c.

My health about as it had been for two weeks.

23 September 1908 • Wednesday


I attended Council meeting in the temple from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

I reported my visit to Fremont Stake and gave information obtained with reference to the proposed division of the Stake recommending the proposition of the Stake presidency to divide the Stake. My report was accepted which carried with it the division referred to.

<Important>9 [p. 119]

Elder Rudger Clawson and I having been appointed to obtain information regarding the Malad Stake with a view to dividing same, made our report and it was decided to make such division. Elder Clawson and I were appointed to make such division. Next Sat and Sunday being Malad Stake Conference we will both be present and begin the work. It was on my motion that we divide the Stake that the committee was appointed to look into the matter which resulted in the action of the Council to divide the Stake. I had been appointed to attend the Pocatello Stake Conference but when we decided to divide the Malad Stake I was appointed to attend that conference Elder Whitney was appointed to Pocatello.


Question was asked by Pres. Hyde of Pocatello. When a man having had his endowments leaves off his garments how can he regain the right to wear them again? Answer.

When a person leaves off his garments, he forfeits his [p. 120] right to wear them and must get permission from the Presidency of the Church this may be done through the Stake Presidency. Endowments are never administered the second time even in cases of excommunications the former blessings are conferred, confirmed or sealed upon the individual by an Apostle. Cases of leaving of[f] the garments, may put them on in some cases without having the blessings re-confirmed upon him as the President of the Church may determine. We have examples of that kind during the past year.

I attended Religion Class Board meeting at 4 P.M.

Attended to Committee work with Elder Rudger Clawson from five to six oclock.

Attended Circle meeting in the temple at 6:20. At this meeting It was decided to change the time of meeting from 6:20 to 6:15 There were present nineteen members and all voted for the change of time. At this meeting My Son Geo. F. Jr. and Bro. [blank] Johnson of the 21st ward were by unanimous vote invited to become members of the Circle both be[p. 121]ing highly recommended.

After Circle meeting I called at the President’s office and wrote a letter each to the Bishops of Stone and Snowville wards in Box Elder Stake inviting them and their people to be at Malad Stake Conference next Saturday & Sunday as it is proposed to annex those wards to the Malad Stake.

Later Alice came down and joined me and we went to the theatre which was a poor affair. Hip Hip Hoora.

Stormy night. I think I am feeling some better of my cold to-day.

24 September 1908 • Thursday


A stormy day.

I had a visit from Bro. Poulton and Bro. Johnson at 7:30 A.M. by my request that I might become acquainted with Bro. Johnson and learn how he feels about becoming a member of the Circle He seemed pleased and esteemed it an honor to be so privileged.

I went down to S.L. & O. Ry. depot to get some fruit from Farmington but was disappointed [p. 122] Later I went down town to get my fountain pen repaired. Bought a new pen for the fountain for $1.25. Wrote up my journal for yesterday and to the present.

Wrote letters to my brother Fred, to L. J. Robinson and to Wm H Spackman the latter of Sterling Canada to whom I mailed duplicate certificate of his ordination.

25 September 1908 • Friday


I went over and visited with my Mother about an hour, the remaining time I spent at home until 3:20 P.M. when I left for Malad on 4 P.M. O.S.L. Ry to attend Stake Conference with Elder Clawson. Weather cool and most of the children have colds. My cold about as it has been for two weeks, possibly some what improved.

Arrived at Malad at 8:20 P.M. On train met Pres. Olean Stohl & H. Councilor Peters from Box Elder Stake, Presidency of the Malad Stake, my brothers Fred. Myron, and Calvin and many old acquaintances on their way to Malad to attend conference.

We commenced our Priesthood meeting about 8:40 P.M. with 126 present. Elder Clawson presented the matter of a division of the Malad [p. 123] Stake indicating the wards and population included and the vote in the affirmative was unanimous. An expression was taken by writing upon paper about half dozen names by each man present as to their choice of men for the new Presidency and other offices.

Elder Clawson and I went home with Bro. Jenkin Jones and staid all night occupying the Same bed.

26 September 1908 • Saturday


Elder Clawson and I arose early and worked until meeting time tabulating the written expressions of the Priesthood meeting of last night.

Bp. Wm. H. Richards of Malad had the largest number of supporters and we favored him for the President so that the expressions of the Priesthood was an indorsement of our views. We met Prests. Welling & Ward of the Malad Stake Presidency at meeting house both of whom indorsed our choice.

At 10 A.M. meeting present 113 the speakers were Elder Rudger Clawson Milton Welling and myself. I occupied 30 minutes Subject Attendance upon the worship of the Lord. Referred [p. 124] to faithfulness of others in attending conference. If large attendance implies faithfulness what does slim attendance imply?

Between 12 and 2 o’clock Elder Clawson Pres. Welling, Ward and Bp. Wm H. Richards and I met at Jenken Thomas’ Bp. Richards accepted the appointment or selection and with us decided upon Bros. Wm H. Gibbs and Bp. Lewis D. Jones as his counselors.

At 2 P.M. meeting present 172 the Speakers were Wm H. Gibbs, John D. Peters, Bp. Lewis D. Jones, Bp. Cuttler of Snowville and Bp. Roe of Stone and Elder Rudger Clawson.

After meeting we met at Bro Jenkin Jones’ home Elder Clawson, Pres. Welling, Ward, Gibbs, Wm Richards and Bp. Lewis D. Jones. We agreed upon Bro. James P. Jensen for bishop of the Malad ward and Bro. Stephen Wight for bishop of Pleasantview ward.

Attended High Council meeting at 7 P.M. and occupied about 15 minutes instructing the Council to live clean lives, hold quarterly conference meetings of Presidency & High Council. At 8 P.M. met with the Priesthood about 85 present. Elder Clawson occupied about 30 minutes and I about 30 or 40 minutes. Had good liberty [p. 125] Spoke of the responsibility resting upon those bearing the Priesthood. Necessity for living the Gospel before the people that the people will have confidence in them and clean lives before the Lord that His Spirit may find place in them. Clean the platter or clear the table i.e. do all you know to do and as well as you know how and you may then hope to get new light which you should seek & pray for. Aim should be placed high and use the H. Council to attain it. Bps’ aim should be placed high and they should use ward teachers to accomplish it. If it is necessary that the Sunday school Superentendency meet weekly, is it possible the Bps. wards comprising all the organizations or the Stake affairs are of less importance that they have no occasion to meet weekley? What if we were to have no regular time to hold meetings or to pray only doing so as we might feel the need for it? The man who does his duty faithfully and well enjoys his work and it becomes pleasant to him. Neglected work or work partly done becomes a drudge & a hardship [p. 126] just as tithing but partly complied with does not bring satisfaction but makes Ananiases of us. Read 38 v. of Sec 1 D.&C. Authority. Men chosen by the Servants of the Lord are called of Him. Any other call whether for time or money to be expended in the building up of the Kingdon should be complied with and that in a willing Spirit Luke 14:33 & D.&C. 103:28 Who so is not willing to lay down his life for my [sake] is not my desciple.

After meeting I wrote up my journal. Slept at Jenkin Jones’ Elder Clawson & I occupied the Same bed.

My cough no better. Retired to bed after eleven o’clock and had a reasonably good night’s rest, did not cough much.

27 September 1908 • Sunday


I attended Council meeting at Bro. Jenkin Jones’ where Elder Clawson and I are staying, from 8:30 to 9:50 A.M. Selecting officers &c.

Attended the 10 A.M. Conference meeting <512 Present> Sunday School Session Sacrament adminsitered and the Lord’s prayr recited in Concert. Bro. James <P> Jensen reported the Sunday Schools. Supt. Howell reported Religion classes, the [p. 127] other speakers were in order as follows Pres. Oleen H. Stohl of Box Elder Stake, Pres. Moroni Ward and myself. I occupied the time between 11:35 and 12 o’clock with good freedom. Subject. Fast offerings, tithing and sacrifice & Self denial. Quoted. Straight is the gate; Except ye are one, &c.

Attended High Council meeting at 12:30

At 2 P.M. meeting present 697 21% + of population.

Officers presented and sustained unanimously. New officers by Elder Clawson and Old officers by Pres. Welling. The speakers were the members of the new Presidency Pres. Welling, Elder Clawson and myself. I occupied the time between 3:35 and 4:05 on disciplin[e] and order of the Priesthood. Read a part of Sec. 24 of D.&C beginning with 123 verse.

At close of afternoon Elder Clawson and I ordained, blessed and set apart the new officers of the Malad Stake and the Malad and Pleasant View Wards. I was mouth in officiating as follows.

I set apart Wm H. Gibbs 1st Counselor to Pres. Wm H. Richards in the Stake Presid[en]cy

I set apart Wm H. Thomas High Councilor

I set apart Daniel R. Evans High Councilor [p. 128]

Caroline E. Face, Stake President of Relief societies by G. F. R.

I ordained Richard N. Hill an High Priest and set him apart second first Counselor to Bp. Jenson of Malad.

I ordained Stephen Wight a Bishop and set him apart to preside over the Pleasant View ward

I ordained Hyrum W. Jones an High Priest and Set him apart 2nd Counselor to Bp Wight of Pleasant view ward.

I anointed Sister Margaret Perry and Elder Clawson sealed the anointing. I also pronounced a blessing upon Sister Leanore Isaacson. No oil used. These administrations took place in the Malad meeting house. Later at Bro Jenkin Thom Jones’ home I wrote up my journal until reaching this point.

At the evening meeting a small boy about 5 years of age sang, “I am a Mormon boy” The Speakers were Pres. Oleen Stohl and Elder Clawson.

28 September 1908 • Monday

Malad Idaho.

I took train at Malad at 7:30 A.M. Stopped of[f] at Fielding with my Brother Fred. Called on my sister Alice and took dinner with [p. 129] her and with her called on her daughter Nannie Ashcroft also on her Son Joseph’s wife Bertha Jos. being absent from home. My brother Fred drove me over to Collinston where I took train for home at 3:30 P.M. arrived in Salt Lake at 6:20 P.M. had severe headache and my cold aggravated more than ever.

I found my daughter Nerva at home with us. I took a bath and retired to bed earley and had a fair night’s rest but coughed considerably during the night.

On this visit to Malad and Fielding I saw many old friends and acquaintances and but for my cold would have had a pleasant time. Much business was attended to and all was unanimously indorsed by the Priesthood and the Conference. Elder Rudger Clawson being the senyor took the initiative in the presenting of the business.

29 September 1908 • Tuesday


I spent the day at home reading, writing &c except an hour spent at Grandma’s. My cold is not much if any improved. [p. 130] Excepting colds and coughs the other members of the family are well.

30 September 1908 • Wednesday


I attended council meeting from 10 A.M. to 3:50 P.M. Fast & Sacrament. Attended Religion Class Bd. meeting. And Circle meeting in the evening. At this meeting my son Geo. and Charles A. Johnson were presented and sustained as members of the Circle the First Presidency having approved of the same.

My cold no better. Weather pleasant.

Hyrum Lee, Estella and their children came in from Mercur and are with us.

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