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March 1905

18 March–12 April 1905

Wed. Apr. 12. 1905.

Not having written in my journal since Feb 26th I now proceed to write up from memory.

Mar 19 18 Sat I went to St Johns with Prest Gowans my team held Priesthood meeting in evening previous to holding ward Conference. The Sentiment almost unanimously was against Bp Ahlstrom presiding over the Ward.

Mar 19 Sunday at St Johns. School at ten (10) Priesthood meeting at 11.30 & meeting at 2 P.M. Conference adjourned to Apr. 16th and later Set for later date. Came home in heavy snow storm in our faces all the way from Nelson’s Ranch.

Sund. Mar 26th With my team Bro Gowans & I went to Clover. Held Conference there Bro C A Orme remained home on account of Sickness in family. On our way home we had just such a driving snowstorm to meet as that of the Sunday previous.

Sund. Apr 2 Fast day Attended School & [p. 173] meeting. Fasted, gave donation and in School gav bore testamony. Le Grand bore testamony in meeting.

Apr 4 Le Grand & I went to Salt Lake Staid all night at Aunt Seney’s

Wed. 5th Le Grand & I went through the temple he for his Endowments. I for the Dead.

Thu 6th Conference opened and Continued until Fri. night then Adj. to Sunday & On Sat. 10 AM Special Priesthood Meeting. I attended all the meetings of the Conference and two Special Priesthood meeting and two theatres. LeGrand accompanied me to theatre & most of the meetings. He returned to Tooele on the Sunday & I on Monday. LeGrand is making preparations to go on a mission to Europe to the Netherlands. He leaves Apr 12 from Salt Lake. A party for his benefit & what other Tooele People gave him amounted to more than $40.00

We have not been short of rain thus far and the ground is thoroughly wet now.

We had a car of fir lumber uppers & a car load of posts come in Saturday the 8th and another car of fir Dimention on the 12th.

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