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June 1892

1 June 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I made May Report and put in a head gate in Kelsey Ditch E Field, made head ditch north and West across the foot of Bowen’s and Dunn’s lots &c. Retired early.

2 June 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I issued bills to parties owing us, went to the stores got bolts & nails &c. Received a letter from Abram. Answered it and sent him by mail $304.05 Cash balance Ranch account.

Hitched the Iron gray colt and went to the Basin pasture. Repaired troughs and watered the animals and left the troughs full. Got home & chores done at 9:30 P.M. Attended Fast meeting from 10 until 12 M. Spoke, blessed Sarah Walters baby Lillian a very pretty babe [p. 28] Assisted in blessing four other babes and was mouth in consecrating the oil.

3 June 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather Stormy.

I attended to the regular work of the place. Made some repairs on my fence around the McKindrick lots. Had a settlement with John McKellar Jr. for work done on my lots. Arranged with him to irrigate my lots and hoe and clean it of weeds. Saw F. D. Horman about putting up some new fence. Saw Geo. Coleman about loaning him some money. Attended a meeting of School Trustees. Talked with Prest. Gowans about Mrs Burridges financial troubles. Used the City water and at 10 A.M. turned off both the City and Kelsey water amid a rain storm. The grass being wet I got my clothes and feet wet and had to change. Wrote letters to Mother at Farmington also to Stayner Bros.

4 June 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I made repairs on yards, fences, trimmed Poplars in East field, put stakes in boulster Attended Stake Priesthood meeting in Tooele. Bathed and while bathing about 10:15 P.M. Abram, Polly & Henry Doremus came by team. We retired about 12 oclock. All usually well. [p. 29]

5 June 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I arose before 5 A.M. and did the chores before breakfast als[o] changed my clothes while Abram and Polly went up in South field. After breakfast I hitched up our team and went to the Basin Abram and Polly accompanying me. Pumped water for the animals and called at water works on our way home. After dinner I accompanied Abram & Polly through the east and old fields. They left for home by train about 6:30 P.M. Legrand went to bed about that time ailing.

6 June 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I went down to Salt Air and got a load of salt.

7 June 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather windy.

I attended to some business at the Court House, store & Prest Gowan’s office.

I arranged with Geo. Coleman to loan him $800 for two years. Called on Mr Stephens in relation to Insurance, also Ted Lougy & Enoch Martin. Brought the horses up from pasture, unloaded salt &c.

Folks all well [p. 30]

8 June 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather warm & pleasant Had Edwd. Green working. I hitched up the Gray Colts and drove up to Isgren’s and got his roller and Started E. Green to Rolling. I helped James Gowans to catch some horses that I brought up yesterday from the pasture. Went down to Remingtons & arranged with Geo. Remington to do our lucern cutting. I got out our mower & oiled it up, ground the knives &c and repaired a couple of old halters, Towards evening 7 P.M. I took Alice & three babes for a buggy ride.

9 June 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant some wind and clouds. Commenced mowing the lucern Geo. Remington on the mower. Had Edward Green rolling lucern in south field finished in middle of afternoon Straightened up the pole in centre of Cable. Ground knives for mower, helped to get it regulated for mowing &c. George Coleman called to see me about hiring money. Folks well.

10 June 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather cold, clowdy, sprinkled. I had Geo. Remington mowing. I sharpened mower knives & ax, Used City water, hoed in garden, went with John Gillespie to Lake View and administered to Sister Howell. [p. 31]

The Savior is the Prototype of Knowledge and Honor the embodyment of both perfected.

Lucifer is the exact opposite in relation to honor. The status of all men’s honor is some where between the two. The nearer we approach the former the more happy and secure our lots. To be honorable pays financially as well as spiritually. Dishonor seldom ever proves profitable but often brings misery & poverty.

When we know the right course to pursue why not yield to the right & secure the blessings that follow.

11 June 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather cloudy & cool.

I had Geo. Remington mowing while I sharpened knives, made reach pole, put sections in mower knife. Attended to several items of business and in the evening went shoping. All are well.

12 June 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather Stormy in forenoon I attended Sunday school at home. Taught a class of Young ladies, offered the opening prayr. After School went to Grantsville to attend Relief Conference, offered the opening prayr. Estella & Martha Dunn went with me. In the evening I explained [p. 32] my accounts to Alice, pasted Combination to two safes & a cash box in this books back & so instructed Alice that in case of death she would know how to open the safe. Thought seriously of taking out another $5000.00 life Policy that in case of death on my part there would be as little consternation as possible created thereby and my family would be protected against want This I consider as much my duty as to provide while I live. I this night resolve to make deed of all my real estate to my wife that should I die the property will not have to be administrated upon and thus wasted away.

13 June 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I ground mower Knife, directed the mowing, irrigation & raking. I saw Henry Thos. Willams about School Dist. Assessment roll. Attended a School Dist. Trustees Meeting & ordered the Sec. to post notices calling a meeting to vote on the bonding of the School District. Loaned to Geo Coleman & Son Geo. $800.00 for two Yrs. Went down to BatesVille and saw the Moses Warr property, took Alice and three babies along. [p. 33]

14 June 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather pleasant, some wind. I ground mower knife and put in new sections; Took brown mare over to Stockton for sale but failed to do so. Engaged hands to assist in hay hauling &c. Attended to Some business at the store and Court House. Took Alice & babies for a buggy ride while hunting help. All usually well. Rained at night

15 June 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Could not haul hay for the rain of the past night. I sharpened Knife twice, Had the mower running and T. Horman working on my fence on Main St. lots. Plowed in garden and howed, Went over to my lots and got locust timbers for singletrees, traded Kate & Prince for Jumbo (two for one). Attended a Board meeting in the Evening.

16 June 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant I commenced the hay hauling for the season, used one team and hauled from South field Eight loads. Went to the Station to meet Mother but she failed to come. Took the buggy up to Lee’s Shop for repairs and in the Evening took Alice for a ride. [p. 34] Rode little birdie mare, ground mower knife. &c.

17 June 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather warm and pleasant We are putting up the hay this being the second day hauling, I arranged the hay fork and put it up; sharpened mower knife &c. Set of harness received by train from A. F. Doremus.

18 June 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Warm. I started up the extra force of hands so that today we have two teams, three wagons and nine men and a boy at work, one on mower & another of the Nine raking. Put the large fork in operation and operated it myself fore a while.

I met Mother and Katie Grover at the Station they having come out here to visit a few days. After seven P.M. Mother, Katie, Alice & I went over to my Main St. lots I called at Prest. Gowans office and attended a Water Co. Board meeting. Sat up until about one o’clock conversing with mother. All are well.

19 June 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I had a sick mare and was laboring with her most of the day. Got Wm Picket to wait on her. I visited with Mother, Wrote to A. F. D. [p. 35] Towards evening we all went up to the Cemetery. Visited in the Evening.

20 June 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant.

I helped with [t]he haying and sick horses Cancelled warrants at Court House. Attended to some few items of business.

21 June 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I continued the haying. Started with Mother & Katie Grover for the train but got too late owing to a change in the Train time unbeknown to us. Had a pleasant evening visiting with Mother.

22 June 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather warm. I doctored horses, ground two mower Knives, Took Mother and Katie to the Depot on their road home. Took Alice in buggy over to our lots to pick goose berries. F. D. Horman is making new fence for me.

Superintended hay hauling &c. Wrote to Abram & J. H. Kelley.

23 June 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant. Continued the haying and doctering of horses. J H Kelley of Stockton came to see his sick horse. All well. [p. 36]

24 June 1892 • Friday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I continued the haying until noon when I let the men off to go up the Canyon to celebrate. Remington continued the mowing. I shaved, changed and went up the Canyon. Took Jumbo & buggy and Alice and the Seven babies accompanied me.

25 June 1892 • Saturday

Tooele Weather pleasant. I had the full force of hands haying. In the evening Alice & I attended the Theatre Home Troop “Lost in Londen,[”]

26 June 1892 • Sunday

Tooele Weather warm. I went with Prest. Gowans to Clover 17 miles distant where we attended School and meeting spoke in both. Took dinner with Bp. St. Jeor. Returned home before dark and retired to bed early.

27 June 1892 • Monday

Tooele Weather pleasant I had a full force of hands at work in the hay. Went out to distribute Life Policies after 6 P.M. Alice went with me. Went over to Lake View. Folks all well. Went to the hall to attend a School Meeting. Failed in numbers [p. 37]

28 June 1892 • Tuesday

Tooele Weather hot and at times cloudy & sultry.

Had full force of men at work haying. Retired early. Turned water on my Main St. lots.

29 June 1892 • Wednesday

Tooele Weather pleasant in morning.

I had an extra man to-day and worked a full force three quarters of a day when we quit for the hay to dry. I repaired the wire doors and painted them, Turned the dry cattle in South field.

Started to rain at nine P.M.

30 June 1892 • Thursday

Tooele Weather pleasant. No rain to hurt the hay. I received a telephone message from Steve Saying he would be out on Train. Met the train & met My brother Stephen, Claud & Ali[c]e. The men off today waiting for the hay to dry. I got a freezer and we made Ice cream. Went over to my lots towards eve.

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