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December 1883

1 December 1883 • Saturday

Took Alice Ann to the Depot, butchered our pig and chored about the house.

2 December 1883 • Sunday

Attended Sunday School and meeting, preached in meeting. spent the evening at home.

3 December 1883 • Monday

Changed wagon box and loaded a load of hay from B. F. K’s. barn, went to the Depot in the evening 3.30 o clock [p. 47] and to the Y.M.M.I.A. in the evening. Fred’s calf was killed by W.C.R.Y.

4 December 1883 • Tuesday

Went teaching all day till 3 o’clock, met the 3.30 train for Seney and went over to B. F. K’s. 3 times.

5 December 1883 • Wednesday

Went on the bottoms in the morning, and attended Bro. Palmer’s funeral went to the Depot twice & wrote a letter to. Jno. Sharp.

6 December 1883 • Thursday

Went over to B. F. K’s. and attended fast meeting. Went teaching in the afternoon, spent the evening at home reading P. of G. Price.

7 December 1883 • Friday

Went to the depot, repaired chair. read P of G. Price

8 December 1883 • Saturday

attended conference at Kaysville.

9 December 1883 • Sunday

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10 December 1883 • Monday

Took load of hay for tithing to S.L.C.

11 December 1883 • Tuesday

Hauled dirt on to the old meadow 1/2 day, went down to Thos. Smiths & administered to Henry Smith and chored about home, mended the shovel & ax.

12 December 1883 • Wednesday

Hauled manure all day at B. F. K’s.

13 December 1883 • Thursday

Hauled two loads of coal and hauled manure at B. F. K.’s, went to Eugene Robinson’s weeding party at France’s in the evening.

14 December 1883 • Friday

Hauled manure at B. F. K’s. all day. [p. 48]

15 December 1883 • Saturday

Hauled manure all day

16 December 1883 • Sunday

Went to Centreville to meeting; called at Chace’s and administered to his wife. Attended ward meeting and Elders Quo.

17 December 1883 • Monday

Took Aseneth to the depot; plastered the stable,

18 December 1883 • Tuesday

Took Nannie on the bottoms, cut stumps out of the meadow repaired the stable & raked up around the stacks,

19 December 1883 • Wednesday

Took the hay rack over to B. F. K.’s and put on the box, helped wash carpets, and hauled two loads of manure.

20 December 1883 • Thursday

Hauled four dollars loads of manure. Visited at Esther’s in the evening.

21 December 1883 • Friday

Hauled two loads of manure Took Nannie & Madam on the bottoms and attended High Council Meeting.

22 December 1883 • Saturday

Stormed all day stayed at home nearly all day.

23 December 1883 • Sunday

Went to Ogden to Lorenzo’s funeral.

24 December 1883 • Monday

Went to J. Walkers. T. J. Steed’s, Stayners, Nerva’s & other places on visit &c. helped Alice with the washing &c.

25 December 1883 • Tuesday

Xmas Spent the day and evening at Weltha’s.

26 December 1883 • Wednesday

Hauled 3 loads one manure on to the meadow and a load of coal. [p. 49] from the depot, spent the evening at home reading.

27 December 1883 • Thursday

Hauled one load of manure, changed the wagon box and put on plank, and hauled five loads of dirt on to the meadow, Spent the evening at home.

28 December 1883 • Friday

Snowed in the fornoon, attended Stake Priesthood meeting. Spent the afternoon and evening at home.

29 December 1883 • Saturday

Took grist to mill got a sack of oats from Wood’s Store.

30 December 1883 • Sunday

Met W. B. R. at the depot with a team at 7.30 o’clock A.M., Went to East Bountiful in the after noon to preach, and on the bottoms and got my mares; went to the theatre at night.

31 December 1883 • Monday

Went on bottoms after cattle, assisted Willard in getting started to Kaysville to take mother. Went to the theatre in the evening.

Eend of 1883.

[9 lines blank] [p. 50]

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