October 1883

3 October 1883 • Wednesday

Shilled corn & went hunting

4 October 1883 • Thursday

L J R & I went on range hunting rabbits. [p. 42]

5 October 1883 • Friday

Took a load of hay to S.L.C. and sold to Mason.

6 October 1883 • Saturday

Helped the folks wash & put down a carpet, chored about &c.

7 October 1883 • Sunday

Staid at home in the fore-noon and went over to Nerva’s in afternoon.

8 October 1883 • Monday

Haulled three loads of fencing off the Compton lot, and fixed up the wash room for the chimney.

9 October 1883 • Tuesday

Went up to Nephi Secrists after A. Stayners Survey Chain and run off the lines of our meadow Took dinner at Nervas. Wrote Jos. Barton

10 October 1883 • Wednesday

Shucked corn & Sold a yearling heifer.

11 October 1883 • Thursday

Dug Potatoes.

12 October 1883 • Friday

Plowed on the corn field

13 October 1883 • Saturday

Dug Potatoes. visited Jno Preece & went to Teachers Quo. <Alice arived at Nephi from Arizona>

14 October 1883 • Sunday

Went to Sunday School & Ward meeting

15 October 1883 • Monday

Saw J. Barton about surveying, Saw Whipple about posts. P’d D. Oviatt 75¢ Saw O S Rose about buying lots on bench &c

161 October 1883 • Tuesday

Mother started to Nephi, Took her to the Depot. Went to the mill &c.

17 October 1883 • Wednesday

Went hunting my Grover Steer & found it. Stormed.

18 October 1883 • Thursday

Loaded a load of hay and took it to S.L. City Sold to mason Co. $14.00 <per ton.>

19 October 1883 • Friday

Hauled hay into Loron’s barn [p. 43] also hauled two loads of squashes and two loads (62) posts on to the meadow.

20 October 1883 • Saturday

Hauled 3 loads of hay into L. J. R’s barn and loaded a load for S L City.

21 October 1883 • Sunday

Went to <E.> Bountiful as a Home missionary, stayed and preached in the evening. A sunday school Union in the afternoon at which wer Jno Morgan, Chas. Stayner, Bro. Willis & Goddard

22 October 18832 • Monday

Drove E. Vanfleets calves out of the meadow, Did some writing, Took Franks buggy home. Was elected Prest of Y.M.M.

23 October 1883 • Tuesday

Took Alice & baby to S.L.C. and they sat for pictures.

24 October 1883 • Wednesday

Had Barton Survey Mothers meadow also find all the corners along the South line. Took the buggy over to Franks, Drove E. Vanfleets calves off the meadow.

25 October 1883 • Thursday

Went up on compton bench any [and?] got lucern, loaded a load of hay for Loren, Dug post holes on the old meadow & repaired Mother William’s house roof. Wrote to Mother.

26 October 1883 • Friday

Took Eliase’s calves up. Dug post holes on the Meadow &c.

27 October 1883 • Saturday

Worked at the fence bet[w]een calvins meadow and Mothers Ind.[?]

28 October 1883 • Sunday

Went to Ward meeting and a special meeting of the YMMI.A in the evening [p. 44]

29 October 1883 • Monday

Set posts on Mother’s meadow. Attended the Young Men’s meeting in the evening.

30 October 1883 • Tuesday

Stretched the wire on the west of mothers meadow, went to depot and got 350 lbs. coal. went over and got Nerva

Alice Came from Arizona.

Took Lias’ calves up & put them in his yard. Wrote a card to Seney.

31 October 1883 • Wednesday

Went to the mill with a grist, also over to B. F. K’s. Took stock down to the field and dug Post-holes.

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