November 1909

1 November 1909 • Monday


My brother Fred. who staid last night at my Sister Asenath’s called before I was up to see us and left at 9 A.M. Alice and I spent an hour or two at Grandma’s. I accompanied my Sister Alice Ann down town to the Dentist’s (My Son’s). and back. Spent remainder of the day at home writing, reading and studying.

Alice’s Sister Anna Steed called & staid the night with us.

2 November 1909 • Tuesday


I poled my vote for the Democratic-citizen’s ticket straight; Called on my Mother in the morning and again in the evening and administered to her in the evening.

I attended a missionary meeting in the temple annex where thirty missionaries were set apart in three companies. I set apart the following:

1 Ruport Best of Wilford, to North western States

2 Ralph Peter Andersen of Teton to Western States

3 Robert Lee Ison of Thatcher Ariz. to Southern "1

4 Orris Jerman of Eureka to " "2

5 Albert Walter Crosby of Eagar Ariz. to N W. "3 [p. 222]

I also took part in instructing the missionaries. I spent remaining time at home reading and writing.

Wrote to Pres. Welling of Fielding suggesing the name of Joseph H. Stokes of Bothwell for a mission. His name was suggested to me by Elder Harris of same ward whom I met in San Francisco. Also wrote to my Son LeGrand.

3 November 1909 • Wednesday


I bathed and attended regular Council meeting from 10 to 2 o’clock.

Received appointment with Elder A. W. Ivins to attend the Teton Stake Conference next Saturday & Sunday.

Attended religious Class board meeting at 4 P.M. and Circle meeting at 6:15 P.M.

Called twice during the day to see my mother.

The election of yesterday resulted in the <election of the> entire American ticket excepting the two councilmen from First ward.

I attended my Circle meeting in the evening, 16 present.

4 November 1909 • Thursday


Ruby has sore throat others usually well.

I left Salt Lake in company with Elder A. W. Ivins for Teton Stake on O.S.L. 8 A.M. train. We reached Sugar City about 6 P.M. went to Fremont Hotel where we staid all night. We got into communication with Bro Mark Austin by phone & he cane [came] & took us through the [p. 223] sugar mill while it was in operation.

5 November 1909 • Friday

Sugar City, Ida.

Bro. Mark Austin paid Elder Ivins, & my bills at hotel and furnished us a team which we drove to the Teton river 29 miles between 9 A.M. and 1:10 P.M. We took dinner at a Mr West’s and were met by Pres Don C. Driggs who took us to Driggs 13 mi.

After Supper we held a meeting with the Stake Presidency of about two & one-half hours duration where Prests’ Killpack & Youngs circumsta[n]ces were considered. The president having written Pres Jos. F. Smith that they were not in harmony with the people because of certain business transactions where in the people think they have not acted honorable.

A good spirit prevailed and the brethren expressed the desire to be as clay in the hands of the potter and asserted their intention to meet all obligations and evince more energy in their religious work.

6 November 1909 • Saturday

Drigg’s, Idaho.

Attended 10 A.M. conference and occupied 30 minutes, subject. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor & Repentance.

At 12:20 met the priesthood 38 in number & I presented the matter of the complaints against the Stake Presidency or the Counselors and [p. 224] asked the brethren to express their feelings as to how they feel towards the present presidency by each writing upon a slip of paper the names of those whom they want and can sustain as the Presidency of this stake. There were 37 papers handed in. Pres. Driggs names appeared 37 times, Bro Killpacks 28 times & Bro. Youngs 25 times Bro. F. N. Morgan 8 times and several others 3 or less times. We conclude the people will sustain the present presidency. The results not made public.

At 2 P.M. Conference meeting Elder Ivins & I each spoke. Both spoke in forenoon meeting.

I occupied 45 minutes. Subject. By grace are ye saved &c. An exposition of the First principles. This Gospel is the provision made by the Lord for our salvation but we must have a living faith such as will cause us to obey and live the Gospel law.

After meeting we met with the Stake Presidency & Bro. Homer who had been selected to be the Bp. of Darby ward the former Bp. having moved away. He reluctantly accept<ed> the appointment. We decided upon one counselor for him and decided to leave the other open for the present as a missionary expected [p. 225] home in the spring is thought of for the place.

At 7 P.M. we met with the Stake Presidency and after a three hour’s conference reached the point where they could all fellowship each other and sustain each other and all agreed that they would put forth more effort than ever before to make successful their administrations.

[end of twelfth volume]