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March 1889

1 March 1889 • Friday

Tooele Wrote A. F. Doremus in the forenoon, Took to pieces a set of harness, washed it and greased one and put to-gether. Jas. Tate was here to see horses. read in the evening. News paper.

2 March 1889 • Saturday

Greased harness, sold hay to st clair. read from Judge Jeremiah M. Wilson’s argumints on admission of Utah to the Union in evening; bathed & shaved.

3 March 1889 • Sunday

Attended sunday school and ward meeting. also Joint meeting of Y.M. & Y.L. Association in the evening, Came home before meeting was out and finished reading Judge J M. Wilsons’ [p. 177] argument on admission of Utah as a State.

4 March 1889 • Monday

Tooele Traded horses with Homer Huff. Sold 1000 lbs hay to Sam’l Orme Jr and delivered it. Greased saddle, turned on the water on lucern in east field. Attended Teachers meeting in the evening.

5 March 1889 • Tuesday

Greased buggy harness, attended to the water, got plows ready for work, raked up stack yard and attended Priests meeting at Robt. Mieklejohn’s in the evening.

6 March 1889 • Wednesday

Commenced plowing south of street with two teams.

7 March 1889 • Thursday

Plowed in south field. Numan Remington spent the evening here

8 March 1889 • Friday

Plowed south of street.

9 March 1889 • Saturday

Plowed, wrote A. F. D. and took horses to Basin Pasture, Attended Y.M.M.I.Ass. in the evening.

10 March 1889 • Sunday

Attended Young Men’s Conference three meetings. [p. 178]

111 March 1889 • Monday

Tooele Went and hired two men to work. Made iron braces for leveler.

12 March 1889 • Tuesday

Ironed leveler, brought it up from Marsden’s.

13 March 1889 • Wednesday

Wind blowed and rained. Wrote letters. Attended Seventies Meeting in the evening.

14 March 1889 • Thursday

Leveled in the south field, went to station for rye & lucerne seed. Rained in afternoon

15 March 1889 • Friday

Sharpened saw and pruning shears & pruned grape vines, sold hay, raked up barn yard &c.

16 March 1889 • Saturday

Wrote A. F. Doremus, loaded hay for Pocock, shaved and went to Basin to look after animals and repair pump, Attended theatre in the evening.

17 March 1889 • Sunday

Attended Tooele sunday school and in company with Charls McBride as Home Missionaries visited Lake View meeting and preached to the people. Bro & Sis Vance paid [p. 179] us a short visit after meeting.

18 March 1889 • Monday

Tooele Leveled land south of street, Sold Young Vick to Jno. McKeller for $100.00 Worked Old Vick on level in afternoon. Attended Teachers meeting in the evening.

19 March 1889 • Tuesday

Snowed several hours. I wrote A. F. D. Fred & F. Miller, attended to irrigating, Sharpened 3 grub hoes &c.

20 March 1889 • Wednesday

Cleared brush off corner south of street and plowed it, Attended irrigating &c.

21 March 1889 • Thursday

Finished plowing corner south of street, plowed for garden south of street house, went to see Mrs Valenviter about pruning grape, vines and Remington about sowing rye.

22 March 1889 • Friday

Went to Basin pasture in the fore noon and finished leveling the large piece south of street in afternoon.

23 March 1889 • Saturday

Rolled lucerne south of street one half the day. Leveled corner [p. 180] south of street and garden south east of house. Loaded hay for Thomas Harman and R. Henwood. Attended YM.M.I.A. in evening, gave a sketch of the life of Brigham Young, and gave a dollar to assist the missionaries.

24 March 1889 • Sunday

Tooele Attended Sunday school and meeting. Preached in meeting. Wrote A. F. D. in the evening.

25 March 1889 • Monday

Finished rolling south of street and pulled & burnt brush, had Geo. Gee leveling in east field and St Clair and Henwood pulling sages. Received gray horse from Frank Knowlton.

26 March 1889 • Tuesday

Burned sages, pulled sages, had men leveling, harrowing, sowing rye and pulling sage.

27 March 1889 • Wednesday

Went to the Basin pasture, traded horses with Homer Huff. Wrote 4 letters, attended Seventies meeting &c. Sold to Jno. Mercer for work one bay mare @ $40.00 Two Pine Cañon men were here to get me to sit on a case as referee next Saturday. [p. 181]

28 March 1889 • Thursday

Tooele Broke large black mare to work. Had seven men at work plowing pulling sages & burning them in east field.

29 March 1889 • Friday

Rolled rye in east field with Lucy & black mare. Had seven men at working plowing and clearing land of sage.

30 March 1889 • Saturday

Went to Lake View as an arbitrator to settle a difficulty of long standing existing between Alivander & James Murray. Had seven men at work, Paid off all the men and dismissed four of them. Wrote A F D in the evening.

31 March 1889 • Sunday

Tooele Attended Sunday School and spent the remainder of the day at home.

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